Apple Market 2016


Second Annual Apple Market! Family-friendly daytime event. Kids welcome until 4 pm. Meet Rev Nat and his team of cidermakers, and ask all your cider questions!

Learn how to graft fruit trees from OMSI educators!

Free hot mulled cider, and doughnuts for sale by Little T Bakery!

PRICING FOR APPLES: $10 for 25 pounds (40 cents per pound), which is approximately one rectangular milk crate, full. If you want to buy fewer apples, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want an apple to eat while you’re at the event, just grab one and chow down. I will have a few varieties of apples for sale so you can pick through them.

You must bring your own containers to haul away apples: clothes hampers, bags & backpacks, cardboard boxes, blousey garments, etc.

PRICING FOR JUICE: $2.50 per gallon for a blend of Washington-grown dessert fruit (which I use to make Hallelujah Hopricot and Revival Hard Apple) and $4.50 per gallon for a single variety Newtown Pippin (which I use to makeRevelation Newtown Pippin). Both juices have been pasteurized to kill many of the bugs and lightly sulfited, just how I prepare juice for cidermaking. Both juices are fantastic to drink fresh and sold in 1 gallon increments. I only have about 260 gallons of each type of juice so if you want a large amount, come early in the day.

You must bring your own containers to haul away juice: jars, carboys, kegs, buckets, kiddie pools, I don’t care what so long as it’s water-tight.