Retired Libations

Vol. 750 ml / 6.7 ABV

Sweetness Fully Dry


Limited Annual
Behold! The cider in this bottles contains the quiescent remains of some half-dozen apples including the likes of such American stalwarts as Newtown Pippin, Winesap and Esopus Spitzenberg blended with their cousins, the English bittersweets from across the pond. When people ask me what my favorite cider is, I always answer, “Revival Dry”. This is the first cider I ever made and as the years go by, it gets better and better. Lightly carbonated and fully dry with carefully balanced acid, tannins and apple flavors. Made with 2/3rds English and French bittersweet-bittersharp apples and 1/3rd American heirloom dessert apples are in this traditional cider. Multiple wine and cider yeasts, along with a partial wild fermentation are used for this, my proudest creation. Unfortunately this cider is rarely available.
Pairs well with:

30/32 Parmigiano Reggiano from 4 Madonne Caseificio Dell’Emilia in Lesignana, Modena, Italy, although I drink it with everything and nothing.

Gold, 2014 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition
Bronze, 2014 International Cider Challenge
Bronze, 2014 Oregon Wine Awards
Red Ribbon Best Presented Package, 2014 Hereford Cider Museum International Cider & Perry Competition