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Vol. 500 ml / 6.9% ABV

Sweetness Semi-Sweet


Limited Release
During an expedition to the Southern Reaches, my old friend and veteran traveler Mr T. Scrivner discovered that the juice of the passion fruit blended with an aromatic hard cider was greater than the sum of its parts. I do hope that you share his same proclivity for flavor exploration.   Combing my colleague's research with an attempt to capture the heavenly aroma of a passionflower vine blooming in my neighbor’s yard led me to the fresh juice of a passion fruit. Grown exclusively in tropical climes, the fruit is dark purple when ripe and the interior is full of many juicy seeds. I combined the juice of this fruit with a blend of dozens of aromatic heirloom apples, and added extra depth and mystery by combining El Salvadoran-grown and hand-toasted coconut meat with double-fold Mexican vanilla extract (the Mexican variety is noted for its smoky subtleties). The result is a supremely tart and mouth-puckering drink that is more akin to a berlinerweisse than apple juice. MY MOST SOUR CIDER YET!

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Pairs well with:

Fatty duck, fatty bacon, fatty extra-cream brie, fatty pork belly, fatty bone marrow, fat.

Silver, International Women’s Wine Competition 2016