Retired Libations

Vol. 750 ml / 6.9% ABV

Sweetness Fully Dry


My first foray into barrel-aged ciders, this delicately dry tipple was inspired by Eastside Distilling's gracious gift of two freshly-dumped Burnside Bourbon barrels. Bourbon is by far my most favorite spiritous liquor so I was thoroughly chuffed to get ahold of these vessels. I had an excess of our award-winning Revelation Newtown Pippin hard cider on hand, and 'twas raspberry season, so in they both go. Nine months later (the label says eight months, but it took me a little longer than that to get it bottled up), this cider was revealed to be a true gem. More barrel flavors shine through rather than bourbon: vanilla, toasted oak, coconut and fusels. Tragically, only 42 cases were made in early June 2014 and are only available in my taproom.
Pairs well with:

Tamarind chutney, mint chutney, mango lime chutney, sooth chutney, Major Gray’s chutney, hot lime chutney. Just not peanut chutney.