The video that started it all: My Kickstarter Campaign from mid 2013:


All my uploaded videos to YouTube:
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A long interview I did for Portland State University’s Business of Craft Brewing program:

An interview I did with PSU about marketing a craft beverage brand:


A recorded live-stream of online class session I did for Portland State University’s Strategic Craft Beverage Marketing program:


In March 2015, as we were making our ¡Tepache! we had Drew Carney from KGW Channel 8 into the cidery to throw pineapples into a grinder:


A segment on Oregon Cider Week 2015 that I did with KOIN Channel 6:

A longer segment on the Weird Beer Bonanza for Portland Beer Week 2015 with KGW’s Cassidy Quinn where I offered her some Kumiss Mongolian Milkwine. She did not drink it on air for fear of vomiting on live TV. (She did try some after the segment finished.) She had a chance to try the second batch of milkwine in October 2015 at the Portland Fermentation Festival, but wisely declined again:


A 5-course cidermaker’s dinner at Portland’s Trifecta restaurant as one event in Oregon Cider Week 2015:


A long interview I did for Steven Shomler’s book, Portland Beer Stories:


Two cool guys named Matt & James are working with the estimable Bill Bradshaw and Pete Brown on a film about the American cider scene, from a Brit’s point of view. So far, they’ve only made a trailer, but it’s a fun watch:


In October 2015, I did an eeeeearly morning segment with the local Fox station, talking about cider (duh) and the upcoming MDA NW Ciderfest. (link only, no embeddable video):

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