Tent Show Bottle Club

My cogitative efforts are roughly split: Make the most consistently delicious and highly available ciders such as Revival Hard Apple and also make crazy one-offs. Experimental ciders find a home in my Tent Show. Because of the very-small-batch nature of these projects, I have kindly requested that club members get first crack at them. (Sometimes I make somewhat-larger batches of Tent Show ciders and sell them to my friends who own bars, but they are very hard to come across.) If you think your palate might match my own, have a tolerance for experimental flavors, and the patience to wait for rare releases, I encourage you to consider a membership in this club.

The 2016 Term Tent Show Bottle Club has come and gone.

You may join the 2017 wait list by emailing tentshow@revnats.com.

What your membership gets you:

  • Access to purchase Tent Show bottles before they become available to the general public during the annual term, lasting 8 months. Many sell out on the club release day and some may consist of only a dozen cases.
  • 4oz pour of every Tent Show cider released ON the release day.
  • Opportunity to buy bottles right from your email and have them held up to 4 months so you don’t need to rearrange your schedule to pick up bottles.
  • Opportunity to use a proxy for pickup, if you live out of town but have a cider compatriot in Portland to lend a hand.
  • Invitation to the end of the year private party with nearly-all releases on tap PLUS MORE, re-releases of bottles, and a unique end-of-year Tent Show special gift.

And new for the 2017 term:

  • I will ship your Tent Show bottle purchases to you, provided you live in a state without draconian, prohibition-era alcohol laws (state list TBD).
  • The opportunity for especially die-hard fans to join The Symposium, an invitation-only club for supremely-rare and diligently-exclusive releases consisting of, at most, 20 bottles per release. The Symposium will also be invited to special barrel-drinking and “educational” (ahem) sessions throughout the year.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ below, or email

2017 Tent Show Bottle Club Releases (tentative)

This is a series of extremely rare & small batch ciders, many with excellent aging potential. Many of them are barrel aged, some of them are collaborations and all of them are amazing.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Tepache with Mango and Ghost Chiles
Ransom Whippersnapper Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Tepache.
April, 70 cases to be produced

Barrel Blend Project 1, Name TBD
Sacrilege Sour Cherry aged in Former Cascade Barrel House barrels blended with dry-farmed Golden Russet single varietal aged in Ransom Old Tom Gin barrels and blended with imperial Newtown Pippin aged in former Le Vin de Grand Jon barrels.
May, 75 cases to be produced

Oak Aged Magnificent 7 with Sake
Seven varieties of Japanese-heritage apples, fermented with a sake yeast, aged on fresh oak, blended with fresh sake.
June, 23 cases to be produced

Sour Pie Cider, Name TBD
2015 sour heirloom cider “pie hopped” with 60 locally made whole strawberry rhubarb pies. Not gluten-free or vegan (butter in crust).
July, 45 cases to be produced

Red Wine Barrel Aged Vinocot
2016 blend of Enso Winery dry Riesling and Hallelujah Hopricot, aged on spent cabernet sauvignon grape skins, aged again in a used cabernet barrel for eight months.
August, 21 cases to be produced

Sour Lorries on Fruit, Name TBD
2014 English and French bitter apple variety, wild fermented, soured on kiwis and kumquats in a blend of lacto and brett cultured used wine barrels.
September, 56 cases to be produced

Cold Fermented Revelation Kingston Black
Semi-sweet single variety “perfect” Kingston Black slow-fermented below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for 8+ months.
October, 104 cases to be produced

Rye Barrel Aged HURT
A tribute to the late great Johnny Cash, with a dash of Trent Reznor, made with heirloom cider, smoky chipotle, spicy chiles and a large dose of cinnamon, aged one year in freshly-dumped rye whiskey barrels, backsweetened with fresh apple juice.
November, 45 cases to be produced

Single Barrel Hellfire
A single barrel release of my 2015 Wooden Hellfire, itself being an 18-hour Boiled Fire Cider Aged in Old Forester Barrels. I have one more barrel of this for 2018 release so hold onto your hats.
December, 19 cases to be produced

2017 Releases to The Symposium (tentative)

Access to the ciders in this group is unequivocally allocated to The Symposium, my invitation-only club of cider experimentalists.

Master Booty
Bootylicious from beyond the grave, this time with extra rum for an extra potent effect.

Saffron Jon
My aquavit-inspired Jon Teiste’s Tonic enhanced with copious quantities of Iranian saffron threads sourced from my neighbor’s uncle.

Methode Ancestrale Elderflower Wine from the Dreilændereck. For real this time, I swear.

The Black King
Cold-Fermented Kingston Black (posted to the Tent Show Club this month), blended with fresh 2017 harvest Kingston Black apple juice and prodigiously strengthened with cask-strength distilled Kingston Black eau de vie.

Wooden Hellfire with Cherry and Chocolate
A harmonious hybrid of the best of 2016’s flavored Wooden Hellfire releases: bitter chocolate and four kinds of cherry.

** Please note that due to the long production and aging time of these rare releases, it is possible that one or more of them just won’t turn out right, so I won’t offer them for sale. But be sure that I have plenty of other amazing releases up my sleeve to slot into any month’s release that doesn’t turn out. **

More Details & Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I see what you made in previous years?
For historical purposes, please investigate my 2015 Tent Show releases here and 2016 Tent Show releases here.

Q. What does 2018 look like?
Of course I’ll kick off the season with Hellfire barrel-aged Tepache; I have 3 former Grand Jon barrels now holding Imperial Newtown; 2014 Lorrie’s Gold already resting in brandy barrels; and more Hellfire.

Q: How much do the bottles cost?
A: Each bottle ranges in price from $16-$30 and is available only in 750ml.

Q: How do I buy each release?
A: After joining the club, you will receive an email announcing the date for the club release event for each cider. Members are entitled to a free 4 oz pour during the club release event and may purchase bottles if they choose.

Q: What if I can’t make it to the club release event?
A: If you’re a club member, but for whatever reason you cannot join us for any club release event, I always include a “Buy Now” button (again, via PayPal) from the announcement email. However, after paying for the bottle via PayPal, you have 4 months to pick up your bottle, or we will sell it to someone else. You may also indicate a proxy person who can pick up your pre-paid bottle for you.

Q: Will bottles be available to the general public?
A: Yes. After the member-only club release event, extra bottles will be available to the public for sale at the taproom.

Q: Can I taste it before buying?
A: Yes. I will have one keg on tap for the member-only club release event so members can get their 4oz free taste as well as purchase glass pours of the special release. But during the release event, and any time afterwards so long as the keg keeps going, the general public is allowed to purchase a 4oz taste of that cider too, just not full glass pours. I will not allow any growler sales of any size for one of these Tent Show Bottle Club releases.

Q: Can I sign up when I’m visiting your taproom?
A: You sure can. I have a paper form available upon which you can enter your pertinent details and my excellent staff will key you into our system later. You must pay the membership fee at the time of signup, which will immediately grant you all the privileges of club membership including a free 4oz taste and the option to purchase a bottle.

Q: What other club member benefits are there?
A: At the end of the 6-month club term (late December 2017) I will throw a private party with tastes of that term’s releases and possibly sneak peaks of the next term’s releases. Plans are still being worked out for the party so don’t hold me to it.

Q: What if you have too many members and not enough bottles to go around?
A: There will always be at least one bottle per member per release, so don’t worry! All releases will have a maximum allowed number of bottles for purchase. 2017’s smallest release is Cold Fermented Kingston Black at approximately 180 bottles.

These rules are subject to change at any time and without necessarily alerting members to the change.

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