Tent Show Bottle Club

My cogitative efforts are roughly split: Make the most consistently delicious and highly available ciders such as Revival Hard Apple and also make crazy one-offs. Experimental ciders find a home in my Tent Show. Because of the very-small-batch nature of these projects, I have kindly requested that club members get first crack at them. (Sometimes I make somewhat-larger batches of Tent Show Ciders and sell them to my friends who own bars, but they are very hard to come across.) If you think your palate might match my own, have a tolerance for experimental flavors, and the patience to wait for rare releases, I encourage you to consider a membership in this club.

What your membership gets you:

  • One of every Tent Show Cider bottle before they become available to the general public. Many sell out on the club release weekend and some may consist of only a dozen cases. Each release in April, August & December will feature three completely new ciders.
  • A tasting flight of the 3 Tent Show Releases on the release weekends.
  • Opportunity to use a proxy for pickup, if you live out of town but have a cider compatriot in Portland to lend a hand.
  • Invitation to the end of the year private party with nearly-all releases on tap PLUS MORE, re-releases of bottles, and special prizes.
  • I will ship your Tent Show bottle purchases to you, provided you live in a West Coast state (OR, WA & CA) where we’re free of draconian, prohibition-era alcohol laws.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ below, or email

More Details & Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I see what you made in previous years?
For historical purposes, please investigate my 2015 Tent Show releases here2016 Tent Show releases here, 2017 Tent Show releases here , 2018 Tent Show Releases & 2019 Tent Show releases.

Q: What is the new 2020 term looking like?
A: We’ll sample all barrels & totes in January and announce the proposed lineup in soon.

Q: How much do additional bottles cost beyond my club assortment?
A: Tent Show Club members may purchase all bottles at the $20 member rate.

Q: What if I can’t make it to a club release weekend?
A: If for whatever reason you cannot join us you have until the next release three months later to pick up your bottles, or we will sell them to someone else. You may also indicate a proxy who can pick up your pre-paid bottles in your stead. The only membership perk you’ll miss out on is your free tasting flight of the new ciders.

Q: Will bottles be available to the general public?
A: Occasionally. Over half of the 2020 releases will be reserved exclusively for members, but larger releases will be available to the public for sale at the taproom.

Q: Can I sign up when I’m visiting your taproom?
A: You sure can.

Q: What other club member benefits are there?
A: Included with your membership are tasting flights of all three new Tent Show ciders at each release weekend in April, August & December. You’ll receive a reminder email one week before the ciders come out.

At the end of the year I will throw a private party with tastes of that term’s releases and possibly sneak peaks of the next term’s releases.

Q: What if you have too many members and not enough bottles to go around?
A: There will always be at least one bottle per member per release, so don’t worry! All releases will have a maximum allowed number of bottles for additional purchase by members. No releases will be available to the general public before club members have received their bottles.