Tent Show Releases 2016

Dominican Rum Barrel Aged Double Tepache with Toasted Coconut & Banana
April, 38 cases produced SOLD OUT

Deliverance Gin & Tonic
Ransom Gin Barrel Aged Imperial Cider with Ginger, Quinine, Lime, Lemongrass, Juniper Berries & Cucumbers
May, 46 cases produced SOLD OUT

Annelies (1856 Collaboration)
Methode Ancestrale Elderflower Wine from the Dreilændereck
June, 22 cases to be produced DELAYED TBD

Le Vin de Grand Jon
Pomegranate Wine, Jonathan Apple Eau de Vie, Prune Juice & Spices in Burgundy Wine Barrels
July, 63 cases to be produced SOLD OUT

Mosaic Dry Hopped, Soured Imperial Newtown Pippin Aged on Kiwis and Dragonfruit in Red Wine Barrels
August, 34 cases to be produced SOLD OUT

Sarah Eats the Peach with Rum
Aged Peach Wine with Peach Honey and White Rum
September, 11 cases to be produced SOLD OUT

Whiskey Barrel Aged Golden Russet with Black Currant (Wandering Aengus Collaboration)
Bourbon Barrel Aged Single Variety Golden Russet with black currents aged for a half year.
October, 104 cases to be produced SOLD OUT

Rhode Island
2-year Providence Traditional New England Aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels
November, 25 cases to be produced SOLD OUT

Wooden Hellfire, Barrel I, Barrel II, Barrel III
Three single barrel releases and one blended release, each one being an 18-hour Boiled Fire Cider Aged in Old Forester Barrels
December, 6 cases to be produced of each barrel, 30 cases of blend SOLD OUT

Barrel A Redux (The Beermongers Collaboration)
Brandy Barrel Aged Piloncillo Chapitalized Single Variety Newtown Pippin
Bonus Release Month TBD, 7 cases to be produced SOLD OUT