Brewery Collabs

After cider, my favorite drink is beer. After cidermakers, my favorite people are brewers. Sometimes, I combine my love of beer and cider to produce a chimera. Herein lies a list of these unusual creations.

7 Deadly Sins: ENVY with Barley Browns

Strawberry Pippin with Cascade Barrel House

Deux Têtes with De Garde

Sacrilege Sour Cherry with Noyaux with FH Steinbart

Hopland in Space with Coalition Brewing

Apolis Ciderweiss with Baerlic Brewing Company

Fruit of the Garden of Good and Evil with Burnside Brewing

Pineapple Shandy with Mazama Brewing

Our Glass: Watermelon Cherry Sour with Culmination Brewery

Winter Abbey Spice Snakebite with Walking Man Brewery

Winter Abbey Spice + Lights Out Stout with Worthy Brewing (unreleased)

Phantom Carriage (unreleased)

Dozens of Tepache collaborations through my annual Night of 1000 Tepaches