PICC Entry Information


Thank you for your interest in the Portland International Cider Cup. Scroll down to see a complete set of competition rules. To download the entry form, please click here.

Planning Committee:
Nat West, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, nat@reverendnatshardcider.com
Abram Goldman-Armstrong, BJCP National Judge and writer for Northwest Brewing News, abe@brewingnews.com
Dave White, Whitewood Cider and current president of the Northwest Cider Association, dave@oldtimecider.com
Mark Crowder, Rainbarrel Cider, mark@rainbarrelcider.com

Mark Crowder, mark@rainbarrelcider.com

Registration and Entry Window:
Registration forms and cider entries will be accepted from May 31st through 10 PM on June 17th, 2013. Registration forms must be accompanied by cider entries and may be mailed or submitted in person.

Cidery Eligibility:
Entrants must be a licensed cidery producing cider in the territory of the Northwest Cider Association which is currently Oregon, Washington, Western Montana, Idaho and British Columbia. Ciders made in the territory but not sold by a cidery licensed in the territory may not enter.

Cidery Entry Eligibility:
1. All entries must be currently available for sale or destined for sale in the near future.
2. All entries must be made with 90% or more by volume apple juice not from concentrate.
3. All entries must be made within the territory of the Northwest Cider Association. This means that cideries in other states making cider via a contract with a producer in the region may not enter their ciders.

Entry Fee:
$50 per entry for members of the Northwest Cider Association. $75 per entry for non-members of the Northwest Cider Association. Entry fees go to lunch for the judges, award medals and to the purchase of the Cup.

Payment Method:
With a mailed registration form and cider entries or a registration form and cider entries delivered in person, payment may be made via check or cash. Credit cards are accepted over the phone or in person with an additional 3.5% fee. ($1.75 and $2.63 added to the above entry fee.) PayPal is also accepted via paypal@reverendnatshardcider.com.

Judging Date & Location:
Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider
1813 NE 2nd Ave
Portland Oregon, 97212
June 23rd, 2013 beginning at 10 AM and concluding at approximately 5 PM with awards ceremony to follow.

Categories Accepted:
For full description of the categories, click here.
A1. Dry English Cider (<1.007 FG), A2. Sweet English Cider (>1.007 FG): BJCP 27B
B1. Dry Common Cider (<1.007 FG), B2. Sweet Common Cider (>1.007 FG): BJCP 27A
C. French Cider: BJCP 27C
D. Hopped: High hop aroma, some hop flavor, optional hop bitterness.
E. Wild/Non-Saccharomyces: Must be wild/naturally fermented or exhibit characteristics of wild fermentation including brettanomyces, lactobacillus, etc.
F. Spiced/Herbed: Aroma and flavor should balance herbs or spices used with the flavors of this cider.
G. Wood or Oak Aged: Any type of wood where the wood flavor is predominant.
H. Fruit: Organizers will judge each of the subcategories separately if number of entries warrant: Pear, Cherry, Stonefruit (peach, apricot, plum, mango), Canefruit (raspberry, blackberry, marionberry, etc), Other Berries (blueberry, strawberry, currant, cranberry).
I. Specialty: Ciders not fitting in to the above category should be entered here. It is the intent of the organizers to create categories to allow ciders to be entered elsewhere.

Ciders may be entered in any single category that the entrants choose. Many ciders exhibit characteristics that cross categories so it is up to the entrant to decide which category to enter. Entrants are encouraged to read the full style guidelines for each category.

Category Medals:
Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three scoring ciders in each category. In the extremely unlikely event that all the entries in a particular category scored very low, the category judges may decide to award no medals, or a combination of specific medals. For instance, there may be a bronze medal to the top scorer in a category and no silver and gold medals. A maximum of one gold, one silver and one bronze may be awarded per category. This award system is in contrast to GLINTCAP which awards medals based on merit with multiple gold, silver and bronze awards per category.

Other Awards:
Best of Show: Gold medals from each category will advance to the Best of Show competition for which a single winner will be selected by the lead judges from each judging group.

Large Cidery of the Year: The cidery awarded the most number of medal points (weighted with gold as 5 points, silver as 3 points and bronze as 1 point) producing over 10,000 gallons per year in the previous tax reporting year will win the Large Cidery of the Year award. Entrants must specify total annual production in gallons to be eligible for this award.

Small Cidery of the Year: The cidery awarded the most number of medal points (weighted with gold as 5 points, silver as 3 points and bronze as 1 point) producing under 10,000 gallons per year in the previous tax reporting year will win the Small Cidery of the Year award. Entrants must specify total annual production in gallons to be eligible for this award.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why is the competition called the Portland International Cider Cup if you’re only accepting ciders from the Pacific Northwest?
The planning committee tossed around a few ideas for names including Cascadia and Pacific Northwest. We didn’t like Pacific Northwest because it’s our northwest but Canada’s southwest and Japan’s northeast. And we decided early on to limit entries to those cideries within the bounds of the Northwest Cider Association, so calling it the Portland Cider Cup excluded British Canadian cideries, so the name stuck as PICC.

Why are you only accepting ciders from the commercial producers within the bounds of the Northwest Cider Association?
First off, we don’t want a huge number of entries since we are not professional cider competition organizers. GLINTCAP does an excellent job with their very large competition and we don’t have the man/womanpower to handle 400+ entries. Additionally, we didn’t want to take a severe stand with regards to geographic bounds. The NWCA is currently updating their membership rules and we look forward to accepting more cideries in the future. And finally, we feel that there is a true cider culture developing in the Pacific Northwest and want to highlight this region’s love of cider, which is currently experiencing the largest growth of the cider market in the US.

Why aren’t you using the BJCP cider categories?
The planning committee feels that the BJCP is somewhat behind the times specifically with regards to the cider categories. They do an excellent job with their mission – certifying beer judges and sanctioning and organizing beer competitions. Their cider categories are  outdated do not reflect the state of the cider market as it exists, particularly in the Pacific Northwest of the US and British Columbia. As a result of the new categories used in the PICC, we have developed a new judges scoresheet. PICC cider categories may change year to year as new trends develop and old categories are deemed outdated.

Have a question? Let us know! Email nat@reverendnatshardcider.com.