Thank you for offering your feedback for my new non-alcoholic drinks. A couple things to note:

  1. Please fill out the feedback form only once per person per can. If you split a can with other people, I would be happy to receive feedback from them as well. (No need to be a permanent member of the focus group to submit feedback.)
  2. Please, please, please fill out a feedback form for each can you drink!
  3. There is no time-limit to drinking and submitting feedback after you receive your test cans.
  4. Please limit your feedback to the form, not via social media or email. It would be too much of a challenge to consolidate the information otherwise. Thanks!
  5. During this experimental phase, some drinks may contain up to 2% alcohol. I will try to note it on the can if it does, but keep this in mind.
  6. Do not share this link unless you’re also sharing this drink!

Check out the batch number on your can label and click the matching feedback form link.

Batch 1 (Pineapple & Berry) Canned 5/13/22 Feedback Form / Buy Link