Night of 1000 ¡Tepaches! 2015

Night of 1000 ¡Tepaches!

The 2016 event is on July 23rd, 2016!

July 11th, 2015, 4-11 PM
at Reverend Nat’s Public Taproom.
1813 NE 2nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97212

Facebook Night of 1000 ¡Tepaches! event page

It is rumored that the 1st 10 guests to arrive will receive a coconut from which to drink ¡Tepache! from.

20 blends of ¡Tepache! available for tastes, including 5 beer blends from some of the participating breweries below, a couple beer blends of our own, some other-cidery collab blends, and more weird flavored blends. Further rumors of a Wesvleteren 12 blend and/or a Speedway Stout blend.

No tickets or cover charge to get into the event.

Tokens are $2.00 each and may be exchanged for a 4 oz pour of ¡Tepache! or ¡Tepache! mix.

This is a 21+ event.

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Night of 1000 Tepaches

On Saturday July 11th, these blends will be available in my taproom:

Padre Nat’s ¡Tepache!: The base Tepache, useful for making your own blends!

Tepache+Tecate: The classic pairing and perfect introduction to Tepache.

Ghost Tepache: Perennial favorite of the Portland Fruit Beer festival, this Tepache is a blend of Ghost chili peppers and our sweet Tepache: A match made in heaven!

Smokedy Ghostedy: Reduce some of the heat from our Ghost Tepache and add in some smoky cider made from backyard-smoked apples. Intense!

Tepachemole: Hazelnuts and crushed cacao nibs, infused into Tepache, with a touch of heat thrown in for a proper Mole-Style Tepache (if such a thing exists).

Gazpache: Maybe you won’t like it, but maybe it will be the best blend here. Take a gallon of tomato juice, add some gazpacho spices, and express a few white onions into a keg of Tepache. Yum!

Banana Looza Mimosa: Pineapples and bananas are tropical cousins, so why not blend these two sweet treats together? A splash of champagne lightens up the viscosity and brings this blend into the realm of sublime.

Brandy Barrel-Aged Pomegranate Wine & Jonathan Eau De Vie Tepache: Don’t ask. The name says it all.

Orange Cherry Tepache: One part orange-mango juice, 60 dashes of cherry bitters and plenty-o-Tepache make this one a taste sensation. A sister keg was tapped by Lompoc 5th Quadrant on the run-up to the Night.

Tepache Passion Mimosa: Quite possibly the star of the show, this blend is equal parts champagne and Tepache with a hit of our late-summer seasonal, The Passion. A sister keg of this was tapped by Fat Heads Brewery in the Pearl the week prior to the Night.

Tepache Sin: Collaboration with Schilling Cider, our Tepache blended with cinnamon-infused apple brandy, made by Schilling.

Fruit of the Garden of Good and Evil: Collaboration with Burnside Brewing Co, their Sweet Heat (apricots and Scotch Bonnet peppers) combined with our Ghost Tepache, this debuted at the 2015 Portland Fruit Beer Festival and was the commemorative bottled beer.

Tepache Radler: Collaboration with Mazama Brewing, their Wizard Island Wit and our Tepache. Crushable.

Saison de Chetco: Collaboration with Base Camp Brewing, Pilgrimage Saison farmhouse ale, infused with habanero and blended with Tepache through a habanero Randall.

Nonstop Tepache: Collaboration with Hopworks Urban Brewery using their Nonstop Hef Hop blended with our Tepache.

Vertigo Brewing Collab: Tepache and Tropical Heatwave. Tropical Heatwave is a “Tropical Blonde” with a kick; the key lime tropical flavor infused with habanero chili heat. More than a subtle spice, a flavorful burn paired well with the pineapple flavor of Tepache.

Rose City Tripel Tepache: Collaboration with Lompoc Brewing, using their Rose City Tripel Pointer (a Belgian tripel with rose hips) and our Tepache.

Tepache Summer Wheat: Collaboration with Culmination Brewing, using their Summer Wheat and our Tepache.

Dark Smoked Piña: Collaboration with Fat Heads Brewery, their Imperial Smoked Porter and our Tepache. One of two awesome dark-beer blends for the Night.

Speedway-Tepache: The beer that inspired the whole Night, Alesmith Brewing’s Speedway Stout is one of the world’s best imperial coffee stouts. Controlled with a deft hand, it makes a truly compelling Tepache blend.

Participating breweries the week leading up to 7/11/15 who will also be pouring unique ¡Tepache! blends:

Hopworks Urban Brewery: Tepache Fire 6.5% abv
50% tepache, 50% Fire Cider Blend (1/3 Newtown 2/3 Fire Cider)

Base Camp Brewing Company: Cocorumpache 3.3% abv
62% tepache, 38% Coconut water, added rum spices)

Lompoc Beer Fifth Quadrant: Orange Cherry Passion Tepache 2.93% abv
70% tepache, 10% The Passion, 20% Santa Cruz Organics Orange Mango Juice, 60 dashes cherry bitters

Vertigo Brewing: Tepache Deliverance 4.6% abv
50% Tepache, 50% Deliverance Ginger Tonic (lemongrass, ginger juice, lime juice+zest, quinine)

Culmination Brewing Company: Lady Tepache 4.6% abv
30% Tepache, 70% Lady apple (heirloom)

Cascade Brewing Barrel House: Tepache Pippin 5.8% abv
30% Tepache, 70% Newtown Pippin (heirloom)

Migration Brewing Company: Perache Amarillo 4.6% abv
50% Tepache, 50% Bartlett Amarillo hopped perry (no apple)

Fat Head’s Portland: Tepache Passion Mimosa 6.3% abv
48% tepache, 45% champagne, 8% The Passion

BTU Brasserie: Mead-ache 7.1% abv
50% Tepache, 50% 18 month old mead that we made + 200ml meadowfoam honey


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