Hard Cider For Sale!

Soon, anyway. I have final approval from the TTB (Tax & Trade Bureau, an arm of the ATF, US Dept of Treasury) and the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) and the City of Portland. Did I miss any? The hardest part of the licensing is figuring it all out, not doing the paperwork, not getting approved. The investigators I’ve dealt with at the OLCC and TTB have been great people. I’m sure they’re happy to see more cider being made and taxes being paid. As far as I can discover, I am the nation’s first commercial winery in a residential basement.

Next week I’ll be pressing apples for cider. I will keep you all posted for when and where my cider will be available. I’m aiming for June 1st in bottles. In the meantime, you can try some at the Cidermaker’s Dinner here in Portland. I’ll have some pre-commercial cider available for diners to enjoy, although I can’t sell you any of it. Here’s the link for that: nwcider.com/2012-cidermakers-dinner-portla/

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