Night of 1000Tepaches

Try Tepache blends straight out of the tap! We’ll have 12 house blends and 8 collaborator blends at the taproom. The collaborating breweries will also have a keg of one of our blends at their taprooms! Can you try them all? Check back as we add details to our list of collaborators.

Saturday, July 23  4pm-11pm at the taproom

We will be selling tokens for $2; each token gets you a 4-oz pour so you can try them all!

No pre-sales or entry fee!

Special Sizzle Pie slices will be available – Veggie Angel of Doom:  House red sauce with signature cheese blend, pineapple, fresh cilantro, fresh jalapeño, and shaved almonds.

Facebook Event here:

Confirmed blends :

Tepache + Modelo Especial

Spicy Hot Tepache (with ghost chilis)

Bootylicious Jr. Tepache (coconut and banana)

Mint Tepache (smacked mint)

CoMochaPache (cold brew coffee and chocolate)

POGPache (Passion-orange-guava) 

Mosaic Tepache Mimosa (Mosaic hops and champagne)

The Smoky Soapy Worm (cilantro and mezcal flavors) 

Strawberry Equinox Tepache (Strawberries and Equinox hops)

The Pomander (orange and cloves)

Smokedy Ghostedy Tepache (smoked cider and ghost chilis)

TepaCherry (Sacrilege and Tepache)



Confirmed collaborator kegs:

Phantom Carriage – Barrel aged berlinerweisse with lime-quinine cider and Tepache




The Commons  

Cascade Barrel House

AleSmith (Speedway Stout)

Base Camp

Cinco de Mayo party and Tepache Bottleshare

My annual ¡Tepache! release will be a blockbuster this year! Come over to the Public Taproom for a ¡Tepache! blowout bottle share (and eat yummy tamales too)!

Thursday, May 5 4-10pm at the taproom

The way it works is you bring a $10 entry fee and a bottle of beer you want to mix with my pineapple-awesomeness and then you drink your beer plus other people’s contributions, and I provide all the ¡Tepache! Sounds good?

You will bring:

  • 1 bottle of awesome beer that you want to share & blend with your follow Tepachitos
  • $10 entry fee
  • Feel free to bring more than one beer but still you have to pay $10

In trade for your money and your beer, I will provide:

  • A pineapple hand-stamp, granting you access to our private party zone
  • All the ¡Tepache! you can drink (to mix with the beer)
  • Plenty of Pacifico, which is step one on your ¡Tepache! blending experience
  • 1 free tamale from Mi Mero Mole, including all the fixin’s (sauce, sour cream, guacamole, pickled onions) and more available for purchase
  • Lots of free chips and salsa
  • One of my 4oz glasses that you may borrow for the night

Would you do me a favor and head over to Facebook and tell me what beer you’re thinking about bringing? That would be awesome! Thanks!

Third Annual Hopped Cider Fest

For info on the 2017 Hopped Cider Fest, click here.


Get ready for the Third Annual Hopped Cider Fest! I am currently gathering the finest hopped ciders from across the country for the greatest showcase of hoppiness ever assembled in the known universe. Keep your eyes glued to this webpage for more details as they are unveiled.

The Date: Saturday, April 23rd
The Time: 12pm-9pm
The Place: My Public Taproom
The Cost: $20 for entry, commemorative tasting glass and 7 tokens each worth a 4 oz pour. Additional tokens are $2.
The Rules: 21+ only, no dogs

The following is an incomplete and quite possibly slightly incorrect list of ciders available for your enjoyment. With the exception of 3, every single one of these hoppy ciders is made especially for this festival and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.*

  1. Cider Riot! Rock the Kazbek- Kazbek hops in apple cider with white peppercorn and allspice
  2. Cider Riot! Opal S.A.S.H.- Opal Hops in Opal apple cider
  3. Cider Riot! Southern Peach- Ella Hops and peaches in apple cider
  4. Cider Riot! Corundum Fragaria- Safir Hops and strawberries in apple cider
  5. Cider Riot! Chaos de Tejas- Amarillo Hops and Blood Oranges in apple cider
  6. Schilling & Company Dank Berry- marionberry & raspberry cider with hops
  7. Schilling & Company Grapefruit N Hops- grapefruit cider with hops
  8. Bauman’s Cider Company/Rev. Nat’s Collaboration Hopped Cider X1
  9. Wildcraft Simcoe-hopped Aronia Berry Cider
  10. Finnriver Farm & Cidery Hopping Through The Forest (fir tips & hops)
  11. Finnriver Farm & Cidery Goschie Cascade (fresh hops)
  12. Wandering Aengus Barrel-aged Anthem dry cider with fresh citra and cascade hops. 
  13. Wandering Aengus Barrel-fermented anthem cider co-fermented with Kazbek, Cascade, and Hallertauer Blanc hops
  14. New West Cider 6 hop combo: Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Galaxy, Galena, and Merkur
  15. Rack & Cloth/pFriem Collaboration Hopped cider, TBD
  16. Apple Outlaw Double Dank Hop (Simcoe hops + pineapple)
  17. Apple Outlaw Feelin’ the Bern (Willamette & Warrior hops + mango + habanero)
  18. High Five Cider Strawbasourus hop (strawberry cider with Sorachi ace, Nugget, and Cascade hops)
  19. 2 Towns Cider Imperial Hop & Stalk (rhubarb cider with citra hops)
  20. Incline Explorer
  21. Ncider Pear Hoppin Cider
  22. Reverend Nat’s Hallelujah Hopricot
  23. Reverend Nat’s/Coalition Brewing Collaboration Hopland in Space
  24. Reverend Nat’s Barrel G Hopricot (bourbon barrels)
  25. Reverend Nat’s Dry-Hopped Sour Cherry (citra & cascade)
  26. Reverend Nat’s Dry-Hopped Whiskey Sour (equinox)
  27. Reverend Nat’s Imperial Dry-Hopped Revelation Newtown Pippin (chinook & amarillo)
  28. Reverend Nat’s UK-hopped Hallelujah Hopricot (goldings & fuggles)
  29. Reverend Nat’s UK-hopped Revival Dry (challenger)
  30. Reverend Nat’s Fresh Hop Hallelujah Hopricot (cascade & amarillo)
  31. Reverend Nat’s Shoot the Glass (Mosaic dry-hopped Revival)
  32. Reverend Nat’s Dry-hopped Tepache Mimosa (mosaic)
  33. Reverend Nat’s/Enso Winery Collaboration Vinocot (cascade)

* With the exception of Incline Explorer, Ncider Pear and my own classic & arguably the benchmark Hallelujah Hopricot.

In final addition, we will have food available for purchase from Sizzle Pie.

My CiderCon 2016 Presentation – All About Hops

CiderCon 2016 was a great time, even though I came down with influenza just prior, and spent most of the week asleep either at home in bed or on my feet while trying to give tours and presentations. Nonetheless, I did manage to give a talk on hops with my friend Joe Casey from Square Mile Cider/CBA. He talked about the science and some of the agronomy of hops and I talked about varieties and usage in cider.

Download Joe’s presentation here.

Download my presentation here.

Join Tom Oliver in my taproom 8-10pm, Wed, Feb 3.

Tom OliverThe legendary cider maker Tom Oliver will grace us with his presence at the taproom from 8pm-10pm, Wed, Feb 3. Nearly as impressive, the taproom will have on hand a very limited supply of his vintage 10-year old Oliver’s Herefordshire Dry Cider to sample.


Firkin nigh in the taproom.

A 3 gallon firkin of Revival Hard Apple double dry-hopped with Yakima-grown Mosaic Hops is being tapped tonight in the taproom at 4pm.

Pasteurizing on a Small Scale

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for pasteurizer advice over the years but never put it into writing in any permanent way, until now! I built this pasteurizer in my garage almost four years ago. To date (late 2015) we have run about 40,000 cases through it with no injuries, no significant failures and no modifications. It is a highly recommended design, and one that I credit to others in the cidermaking community especially Richard Anderson of Westcott Bay.

There are many threads and some pictures of people’s home-built pasteurizers but I’ve not seen any like this, other than Rich Anderson’s, who gave me the idea. It holds 120 x 750ml bottles in rectangular milk crates. Our baths range from 6 to 20 minutes depending on what we are doing. I can fill the bath in about 20 minutes at 185 F using two ganged-together water heaters.

Here is a little video of the thing running its inaugural bath:

And here is an old video of me describing it to a friend while still operating in my driveway and garage. (Super choppy and informal since I was making it just for a friend.)

Here is the setup:

  • MacroBin 16 S. This is used in the wine industry quite widely, although the 24 is a more standard size. Rated to 190 degrees F or more. Buy the optional lid. $200?
  • Semi-cheap bronze head pump. My first was a is Tellarini Pompe. The important thing is that it is rated to 190 degrees F. This one has garden hose threads and cost $125. We have since upgraded to Jet05 from St Pats for about $250. They last about 10,000 cases before going bad.
  • CPVC flange, elbow, adapters, valve, etc bits. CPVC is rated for hot water, PVC and ABS is not. I got the schedule 80 thick wall stuff, ~$50. We have since replaced the silicone caulk but the same fittings are in use.
  • Rinnai tankless water heater R94 LSI. Runs on natural gas or propane. You can get the smallest BTU water heater you can find but it needs to go to 185 degrees, and most don’t. This one is a “commercial” unit, and needed an optional controller to raise the temp to 185 F. $150 (used on craigslist) plus $100 for controller. In the new cidery, we have two R95s running side by side, one running the pasteurizer, the other making hot water for washing, etc. New about $1000.
  • Water heater rubber hose, garden hose barb fittings. ~$40
    Total: $635

Not included in the cost: black iron pipe to get from my gas meter to the water heater. I have seen similar capacity pasteurizers for sale for $6700 using electric elements.

Installation steps:

  • Drill a hole in the middle bottom of the MacroBin, insert the CPVC flange, sealing it down with silicone caulk (rated to 400 F). Bolt-through the flange with SS hardware.
  • Connect CPVC adapter, elbow, pipe and valve to get the “drain” to extend to the side of the bin. The bin has feet/runners built in which makes the piping easy to install. Fasten the pipe to the runner with some pipe hangers. End the CPVC pipe in a garden hose adapter.
  • Connect a short length of rubber hose from this bin drain outlet to the pump.
  • Connect the other side of the pump to a whole-house 30 micron water filter to catch dirt, junk, broken glass, etc.
  • Connect outlet of filter to the cold water in side of the tankless water heater.
  • Connect the third hose from the hot water out side of the tankless back to the bin. I just draped/hung the end into the bin, but you could get fancy with another fitting through the wall of the bin.

Some notes:

  • Make the rubber hoses have female-female ends to ease attaching and detaching.
  • The water heater has valves on the IN and OUT water ends with garden hose threads so no fittings are needed there. These are standard on all water heaters.
  • I’m “starving” the water heater on BTUs a little bit with a long 3/4″ pipe run, but it uses so little gas in recirculation that it’s okay.
  • Carefully measure the depth under the MacroBin before you commit to whatever drain fittings you’re going to use. You have a limited amount of space under the bin from the height of the feet/runners.
  • Use protective clothing and face shield when operating the bath.

Cider Champions Night: 4-11pm Friday 10/16/15

Cider Champions Night: 4-11pm Friday 10/16/15.

Please join us in the taproom from 4-11pm where we’ll be featuring bottle pours from the 2015 PICC Best in Show cidery, Left Field from B.C. We will have three of their dry ciders including the best-in-show Pear Dry. There will also be bottle pours available from last year’s champion, Apple Outlaw. All cider will be available a la carte or in a flight while supplies last.