A sincere thanks

I am most indebted to the following folks, in no particular order, for their excellent assistance. Thank you.

Jeff Smith, Bushwhacker Cider, for everything.
Mike Wright, The Commons Brewery, for all your help with the startup.
Drew Zimmerman, Red Barn Cider, for sharing your experience at the forefront of American cidermaking.
Rich Anderson, Westcott Bay Cider, for all your contributions to the Cider Workshop.
Andrew Lea, Wittenham Hill Cider, for teaching me how to make cider.
Ryan Sharp, ENSO Winery, for all the licensing assistance and confidence.
Keith Kisler, Finnriver Farm & Cidery, for showing me around, answering questions and giving me a target to aim for.
David White, Whitewood Cider & Old Time Cider blog, for being such a great spokesman.
Steve, Nancy and Phillipe Bishop, Alpenfire, for all sorts of advice and consultation.
Travis Scrivner, Bret Winkler, Kiersten Sorenson, Liz Crain, for help grinding apples.
Mark Crowder, for the grinder.
Jeff Siri, as consiliare.
Trevor Millund, for everything.
Morgan Miller, for industry advice.
Jafer Patterson, for your “been there, done that” advice.

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