Night of 1000 ¡Tepaches!

Night of 1000 ¡Tepaches!

July 11th, 2015, 4-11 PM
at Reverend Nat’s Public Taproom.
1813 NE 2nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97212

Facebook Night of 1000 ¡Tepaches! event page

It is rumored that the 1st 10 guests to arrive will receive a coconut from which to drink ¡Tepache! from.

20 blends of ¡Tepache! available for tastes, including 5 beer blends from some of the participating breweries below, a couple beer blends of our own, some other-cidery collab blends, and more weird flavored blends. Further rumors of a Wesvleteren 12 blend and/or a Speedway Stout blend.

No tickets or cover charge to get into the event.

Tokens are $2.00 each and may be exchanged for a 4 oz pour of ¡Tepache! or ¡Tepache! mix.

This is a 21+ event.

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Night of 1000 Tepaches

On Saturday July 11th, these blends will be available in my taproom:

Padre Nat’s ¡Tepache!: The base Tepache, useful for making your own blends!

Tepache+Tecate: The classic pairing and perfect introduction to Tepache.

Ghost Tepache: Perennial favorite of the Portland Fruit Beer festival, this Tepache is a blend of Ghost chili peppers and our sweet Tepache: A match made in heaven!

Smokedy Ghostedy: Reduce some of the heat from our Ghost Tepache and add in some smoky cider made from backyard-smoked apples. Intense!

Tepachemole: Hazelnuts and crushed cacao nibs, infused into Tepache, with a touch of heat thrown in for a proper Mole-Style Tepache (if such a thing exists).

Gazpache: Maybe you won’t like it, but maybe it will be the best blend here. Take a gallon of tomato juice, add some gazpacho spices, and express a few white onions into a keg of Tepache. Yum!

Banana Looza Mimosa: Pineapples and bananas are tropical cousins, so why not blend these two sweet treats together? A splash of champagne lightens up the viscosity and brings this blend into the realm of sublime.

Brandy Barrel-Aged Pomegranate Wine & Jonathan Eau De Vie Tepache: Don’t ask. The name says it all.

Orange Cherry Tepache: One part orange-mango juice, 60 dashes of cherry bitters and plenty-o-Tepache make this one a taste sensation. A sister keg was tapped by Lompoc 5th Quadrant on the run-up to the Night.

Tepache Passion Mimosa: Quite possibly the star of the show, this blend is equal parts champagne and Tepache with a hit of our late-summer seasonal, The Passion. A sister keg of this was tapped by Fat Heads Brewery in the Pearl the week prior to the Night.

Tepache Sin: Collaboration with Schilling Cider, our Tepache blended with cinnamon-infused apple brandy, made by Schilling.

Fruit of the Garden of Good and Evil: Collaboration with Burnside Brewing Co, their Sweet Heat (apricots and Scotch Bonnet peppers) combined with our Ghost Tepache, this debuted at the 2015 Portland Fruit Beer Festival and was the commemorative bottled beer.

Tepache Radler: Collaboration with Mazama Brewing, their Wizard Island Wit and our Tepache. Crushable.

Saison de Chetco: Collaboration with Base Camp Brewing, Pilgrimage Saison farmhouse ale, infused with habanero and blended with Tepache through a habanero Randall.

Nonstop Tepache: Collaboration with Hopworks Urban Brewery using their Nonstop Hef Hop blended with our Tepache.

Vertigo Brewing Collab: Tepache and Tropical Heatwave. Tropical Heatwave is a “Tropical Blonde” with a kick; the key lime tropical flavor infused with habanero chili heat. More than a subtle spice, a flavorful burn paired well with the pineapple flavor of Tepache.

Rose City Tripel Tepache: Collaboration with Lompoc Brewing, using their Rose City Tripel Pointer (a Belgian tripel with rose hips) and our Tepache.

Tepache Summer Wheat: Collaboration with Culmination Brewing, using their Summer Wheat and our Tepache.

Dark Smoked Piña: Collaboration with Fat Heads Brewery, their Imperial Smoked Porter and our Tepache. One of two awesome dark-beer blends for the Night.

Speedway-Tepache: The beer that inspired the whole Night, Alesmith Brewing’s Speedway Stout is one of the world’s best imperial coffee stouts. Controlled with a deft hand, it makes a truly compelling Tepache blend.

Participating breweries the week leading up to 7/11/15 who will also be pouring unique ¡Tepache! blends:

Hopworks Urban Brewery: Tepache Fire 6.5% abv
50% tepache, 50% Fire Cider Blend (1/3 Newtown 2/3 Fire Cider)

Base Camp Brewing Company: Cocorumpache 3.3% abv
62% tepache, 38% Coconut water, added rum spices)

Lompoc Beer Fifth Quadrant: Orange Cherry Passion Tepache 2.93% abv
70% tepache, 10% The Passion, 20% Santa Cruz Organics Orange Mango Juice, 60 dashes cherry bitters

Vertigo Brewing: Tepache Deliverance 4.6% abv
50% Tepache, 50% Deliverance Ginger Tonic (lemongrass, ginger juice, lime juice+zest, quinine)

Culmination Brewing Company: Lady Tepache 4.6% abv
30% Tepache, 70% Lady apple (heirloom)

Cascade Brewing Barrel House: Tepache Pippin 5.8% abv
30% Tepache, 70% Newtown Pippin (heirloom)

Migration Brewing Company: Perache Amarillo 4.6% abv
50% Tepache, 50% Bartlett Amarillo hopped perry (no apple)

Fat Head’s Portland: Tepache Passion Mimosa 6.3% abv
48% tepache, 45% champagne, 8% The Passion

BTU Brasserie: Mead-ache 7.1% abv
50% Tepache, 50% 18 month old mead that we made + 200ml meadowfoam honey


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Oregon Cider Week 2015

I could not be more excited to celebrate the awe-inspiring Northwest cider scene with you at these various events throughout the city during this year’s Oregon Cider Week. Please join me at one or many. See you soon!


Cider Appreciation Class, 7-10 PM
Over the course of three hours, “students” will taste 20+ ciders alongside Nat himself, all the while discussing the history of cider, regional differences in cidermaking techniques, and the developing cider culture in the US. The ciders we will drink include traditional English Westcountry, French style from Normandy, Spanish Basque and Asturian, and the emerging American style. Nearly everything we drink will be apple-only; there is just that much variety! This event is held in the taproom, is $45 per person and “class” size is limited to 20. Please arrive at 7 pm well-fed since we will serve no food. Advance registration required, seating is limited. Email or call 503-567-2221 to reserve your space.

FRIDAY June 19

Cider Summit Portland, 2-8 PM
We will be out in full force for this 5th anniversary event. Over 150 ciders from dozens of producers will be showcased and we will have a sneak peek of our summer seasonal The Passion alongside Revival Hard Apple, Hallelujah Hopricot and the bizarrely awesome ¡Tepache! 21+ only, $30 ticket available online: and more details here:

Cider Summit After Party, 4-11 PM
Done with the Summit and want more cider? Come on over to the taproom for $1 off all 12 oz. cider pours with your Summit wristband including many ciders I didn’t bring to the Summit.


We are throwing an unofficial Cider Summit After Party for the first time this year and I know you won’t drink to excess at the Summit so come on over. I’ll have special cider pricing of $1 off all 12 oz. cider pours with your Summit wristband still intact. And to make it a party, there will be live music by The Loudermilk Sisters covering the perfect harmony / early country band Louvin Brothers. Oh and of course, food trucks on site. Keep the party going!


PICC Competition Judging, 4 PM
Join us in the taproom for the final Cup round of the 3rd Annual Portland International Cider Cup, the northwest’s premier cider competition. Watch celebrity judges award the Cup, schmooze with industry players and taste the winners starting at 4 PM.


Oregon Bartenders Guild Cider Class, 2-5 PM
OBG Members Only. If you’re a member of the Oregon Bartenders Guild, join Nat West and Dave Shenault at Raven & Rose for this special educational session on cidermaking. Topics include fruit selection and differences, pH and TA acidity and types, simple (fructose) vs complex (malt) sugar types, yeast selection (beer, wine, wild, non-saccharomyces), processing (filtration, conditioning, sulfites), blending, aging, etc. We will drink special bourbon barrel aged ciders from Rev Nat’s and other NW Cidermakers.

Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom Tap Takeover, 5-7 PM
Hang out with the Rev Nat and the rest of the crew at Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom and drink a bunch of ¡Tepache! blends including light hefeweizens, fruity saisons, bold IPAs, dark stouts and mega imperials.

Belmont Station Meet the Brewer, 5-7 PM
Cidermaker Chris will be on hand at the venerable Belmont Station to drink cider, talk cider and probably toss back a beer or two. Special ciders from the cellar will be available for this special night.


Trifecta Cidermaker’s Dinner, 7-10 PM
Join Nat at Trifecta (his new favorite Portland restaurant) for a 5-course meal, each one paired with a cider. Don’t quote me on this, but we talked about pairing my Bartlett Amarillo with bitter greens salad, Sacrilege Sour Cherry with a nice duck, Revival Hard Apple with the salty ham & pears, Hallelujah Hopricot with a crispy and cheesy flat bread pizza and Deliverance Ginger Tonic with some fresh oysters. Watch this space for more information on the menu! Tickets required. And while Trifecta is child-friendly, this dinner will bore youngsters silly since I won’t serve them my delicious ciders.

The Civic Taproom Tap Takeover, 6-9 PM
Can’t make the Trifecta dinner? Come hang out at The Civic Taproom and Bottle Shop with the Rev Nat’s cidermaker crew and enjoy five ciders from the Rev Nat’s repertoire.


OMSI After Dark, 7-11 PM
Drink up as the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry toasts the history, tradition and science that goes into crafting cider and other fruity treats. Join them for their first annual OMSI After Dark Cider & Seeds with samples from us and other Pacific Northwest cideries. And being OMSI, you’ll be able to have science fun such as shooting off water rockets, concocting chemical creations, and exploring the wonders of OMSI with no kids in sight! Watch aerialists fly overhead and enjoy a pint of cider while learning about the science behind stuff. 21+ only. No advance purchase required, just show up.

Rev Nat’s The Passion Release Party, 4-10 PM 
My acclaimed super-sour berlinerweisse-inspired summer seasonal is brought forth on this day at the taproom. Behold The Passion! My cider scientists proclaim that this is more than twice as tart as anything else I’ve produced so if you have too much tooth enamel, this might solve your problem. To help ease it down, enjoy some fine Hawaiian food from a local restaurant still TBD. (Noho’s? Ate-oh-Ate? Namu? 808 Grind?) No advance tickets needed, just come on down and bring cash for the food. 21+ only in the taproom.

The Beermongers Tap Takeover, 6-9 PM
If you aren’t the type to cross Broadway, then stop into The Beermongers to enjoy three rare ciders from Rev Nat’s and a chance to win some schwag.

Ned Ludd Cider Menu, 5 PM, today through Sunday
If a proper sit-down dinner at Portland’s finest all-wood cooking restaurant is your style, I have you covered. My friends at Ned Ludd are debuting a cider-soaked menu today and expressly to celebrate Oregon Cider Week. The details are under wraps until the moment of, but you can stop in any time Wednesday-Sunday to taste the offerings including specially paired ciders from me! Reservations are encouraged for the weekend.


Revelation Night at the Public Taproom, 4-11 PM
Last fall, I collected 10 distinct apple varieties, fermented them all with the same yeast and backsweetened each just a touch. Every variable that I could control, I did. Now you get to taste a massive flight of single-variety heirloom ciders, each a member of the Revelation series. My gold medal winning Revelation Newtown Pippin will of course be on hand to focus your palate. This event is at the taproom and is, like always, 21+ only. No advance purchase is required, just come on down.

Eagle Rare Bourbon Barrel Aged Ciders Release Party, 6-10 PM
Back in January, my friends at Raven & Rose offered me a couple of freshly-dumped bourbon barrels. Now I’m never one to say no to a good used barrel of any kind, but these two were of a special provenance. You see, R&R has a habit of buying entire barrels of bourbon from various Kentucky distillers then using that single-barrel whiskey in their award-winning Old Fashioned cocktails. Yes, the barrels I was offered were two of these self-same barrels and they are Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon. So naturally, I’ve aged my flagship cider Revival Hard Apple in one and my spring seasonal Sacrilege Sour Cherry in the other. Aging for four months in these barrels created a taste treat unlike anything I’ve ever had. The Revival will be served alongside a neat glass of the original Eagle Rare bourbon as a boilermaker while the Sacrilege will be served as a Stone Fence cocktail with some bitters and a shot of the same Eagle Rare, maybe even a cherry. Fans of bourbon & cider must not miss this incredible event. 21+ only in the Rookery Bar at Raven & Rose, no advance purchase required.


Dekum Triangle Cider Stroll, 4 PM
Here’s an idea: Walk around Northeast Portland’s awesome little Woodlawn neighborhood at the Dekum Triangle, trying over 20 ciders at six different venues including:

Stop in to any of the above establishments to pick up a menu & guide of all participating locations as well as details on the Firehouse Cidergarden special event (below). No advance purchase required, just enjoy your stroll around the neighborhood hunting for your favorite ciders and discovering new offerings. Food is available for purchase at any of the participating venues.


Firehouse Cidergarden
In my opinion, the absolute best way to enjoy the Dekum Triangle Cider Stroll (see above) is by making sure you stop by the beautiful patio of Firehouse restaurant. We are taking over the entire place and will have a mini cider festival, one night only. I’ll be pouring cider alongside three of Oregon’s newest cidermakers that you may not have heard of, and we will all be on hand to talk and taste you through our offerings. Firehouse will be offering a limited menu for patio service. No advance purchase required, just show up and buy tasting tokens for $2 each at this family-friendly event. Look for the huge banner to know you’re in the right place.

Randall-Infused Rare Keg Night at the Public Taproom, 4-11 PM
My barman Jim plundered my home cider cellar to come up with a super-rare keg. Not content to just serve a tasty cider, he is insisting on passing it through our homemade randall. I have no idea what ingredients he is planning on stuffing in there (not just hops, I’m sure!) but expect something intense. Visit my taproom for the fun, 21+ only.


Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider 2nd Anniversary Party, 12-11 PM
Here it is: The party I’ve been waiting for. Join me and the entire Rev Nat’s crew as we celebrate two entire years in our Public Cidery & Taproom. I’ll bring out the jockey boxes to showcase 20 ciders including 12 from my stash and 8 guests ciders of the highest caliber. Our buddy DJ Dickel will be spinning tunes well into the evening and I’ll have a huge pile of free Otto’s sausages if you get there in time to enjoy one. The street shall be closed for this awesome 21+ only party.


Hangover Recovery Brunch at Hop & Vine 10 AM
The craft cider lovers at NoPo’s The Hop & Vine have offered up their dining room to those of us who may have imbibed too much during Saturday night’s festivities. They’ve concocted a perfect pairings of cider and breakfast foods and will be offering cider mimosas for those needing a pick-me-up.

¡Tepache y Tamales! Cinco de Mayo Celebration











Join us on Tuesday May 5 2015 from 5 to 10 PM for our second annual Cinco de Mayo celebration at my Cidery & Public Taproom.

$5 gets you a tall glass (22oz) of ¡Tepache! blended with Ex Novo’s “The Most Interesting Mexican Lager” or Pacifico Clara or upgrade to a $7 blend with Sierra Nevada Ovila Saison with madarin oranges.

El Taco Yucateco onsite selling handmade Tamales and other Mayan delicacies.

Reverend Nat’s presents 2nd Annual Hopped Cider Fest

The massive collection of hopped ciders requires street closure this year and adds more offerings including international ciders.

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider is pleased to announce the return of the Hopped Cider Festival to their Cidery & Public Taproom in northeast Portland. The second annual event will take place Saturday, April 18 2015 from 12 PM to 10 PM, the day immediately following the Craft Brewer’s Conference in Portland. New this year is an expansion of the festival into the street adjoining the public taproom.

This is the second Hopped Cider Fest put on by Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, having launched the concept last year very nearly on a whim. Public response was overwhelming last year with nearly 800 attendees crammed into the cidery for eight solid hours. This year’s event will include a street closure and even more ciders including hopped ciders produced around the world.

Many cidermakers will be on hand to inform attendees through the samplings which will be available in 4-ounce tasting portions in a souvenir festival glass. In addition to the superb range of ciders, the event will feature food from El Taco Yucateca and the returning favorites Bro-Dogs + Burgers. And in a repeat of last year’s festivities, every hour on the hour attendees will be treated to free tastes of ciders unavailable for purchase in Oregon including ciders from all over the USA and overseas.

“This is surely the largest collection of hopped ciders in the history of the universe,” says Reverend Nat West. “Last year we organized the event in a couple weeks and were blown away by the public response. We learned our lessons and decided to expand into the street but we are doubling-down by adding even more hopped ciders and upping the tasting pour size.”

Tickets are available for $20 at the door (cash or credit). Admission includes a tasting glass and 6 tasting tokens. Additional tasting tokens will be available for sale onsite for $2 each. Re-admission will be allowed at any time with event wristband and tasting glass. THE EVENT IS 21 & OVER ONLY. No dogs or other pets.

Full list of ciders:

Rev Nat’s Bartlett Galaxy Perry Galaxy keg
Rev Nat’s Bartlett Amarillo Perry Amarillo keg
Rev Nat’s Taylor’s Gold Simcoe Perry Simcoe keg
Rev Nat’s Double-hopped Revival Citra Amarillo keg
Rev Nat’s Hallelujah Gruitcot none keg
Rev Nat’s Hallertauer Hopricot Hallertauer keg
Rev Nat’s White wine Barrel-aged Hopricot Fresh Cascade keg
Rev Nat’s Hallelujah Hopricot Cascade keg
Rev Nat’s Fresh Hop 2014 Fresh Cascade keg
Rev Nat’s D’Anjou Nelson Perry Nelson Sauvin keg
Rev Nat’s ENVY 2014 11 varieties keg
Rev Nat’s Hopland #4 Alot keg
Rev Nat’s Hopped Pomegranate Willamette Liberty Mosaic keg
New West Hopped Cider Citra keg
Hopworks Dry Hopped Cider keg
Two Rivers THC (Triple Hopped Cider) keg
Anthem Hops Cascade keg
Doc’s Draft Dry Hopped Centennial Chinook keg
Finnriver Dry Hopped Cascade keg
Apple Outlaw Hoppin’ Holdup keg
Red Tank 425 Dry Hopped keg
Fox Tail Imperial Hopped keg
Schilling Hopped Grapefruit keg
Portland Cider Co Hop’rageous Citra keg
Square Mile Spur & Vine Galaxy keg
2 Towns Hop & Stalk Citra keg
Swift Dank Hop keg
Tieton Dry Hop Cascade keg
Cider Riot Everybody Pogo English Goldings keg
Cider Riot Cidre de Francois Matthieu keg
Cider Riot A109-9 keg
Cider Riot BuFa-1 keg
Bull Run Dry Hopped Cider keg
Wandering Aengus Cask Condititioned Double Hop keg
Texas Keeper Cider Weizen Bottles
Big B’s Chester Hoppearcot Bottles
Stem Ciders Remedy Bottles
Les Vergers de la Colline Houblon Api-Hop (2 cases) Bottles
Rogue Hop (bottles) Bottles
Olivers At The Hop (in progress) Bottles
Colorado Cider Co Grass-hop’ah Bottles

…with many more to come!

Reverend Nat’s Hopped Cider Fest benefits their neighbors, the Community Cycling Center.

For more information contact:
Jim Bonomo, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

2015 hop-cider-fest-11x17_v1-03

Reverend Nat’s Presents The Red Fleshtival


Portland, OR – February 9, 2015 – Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider will host a special event as a cider-themed supplement to both Zwickelmania and Valentine’s Day this Saturday, February 14th from 3-10pm at the Rev. Nat’s Cidery & Public Taproom.

The Red Fleshtival, brainchild of Nat West, is a unique cider event that assembles some of the rarest hard ciders available in the United States. Red- and pink-fleshed apples are coveted, expensive, and often hard-to-find. Ciders made from such apples are even more obscure, but they’ve managed to assemble six different varieties in one place for this special event. Featured will be limited edition red-flesh ciders from Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, Snowdrift, Alpenfire, Uncle John’s, West County Cider, and more. The ciders will be available in a special, one-day-only taster flight.

“Red flesh ciders are unique because they are rich in anthocyanins.”, said West. “This compound, usually found in red and purple fruits, adds an extra dimension of flavor and level of complexity in a straight apple cider that is almost impossible to achieve using conventional apples.” West created two single varietal ciders using Mountain Rose apples and Siberian Red Crabapples specially for the event. “[The Siberian Red cider] tastes and smells like the inside of a raspberry jelly donut. It’s mind-blowing.”

The Red Fleshtival takes place at Reverend Nat’s Cidery & Public Taproom, 1813 NE 2nd Ave, Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, February 14th from 3:00PM – 10:00PM. The ciders will be available while supplies last.

New Production Manager Joins Our Team

steve_pPortland, OR – December 30, 2014 – Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, the fastest growing cider company in Portland, Oregon, has appointed Steve Panos as Production Manager. In this capacity, Panos will oversee the entire production staff as the cidery continues through a rapid expansion. He will report directly to cidery founder Nat West.

A veteran of the brewing industry, Panos began his career at Otter Creek Brewery in Middlebury, Vermont. He brings over a decade’s worth of fermented beverage experience to Reverend Nat’s which also includes stints as brewer/head brewer for two Rock Bottom Brewery locations, and most recently, brewery manager at Pelican Brewing Company in Pacific City, Oregon. At Pelican, Panos oversaw and facilitated extensive growth in many areas of the company’s operations while maintaining the high quality upon which Pelican’s reputation was built.

“Reverend Nat’s is like a giant talent magnet.”, said West. “We got Mike [Gorman, former Columbia Distributing VP], and now Steve. I’m very excited that such great people are throwing their hat in to the cider ring with me.” Panos is equally as enthused. “I am excited to learn the gospel of everything cider from the Reverend himself.” His role as production manager begins on January 19, 2015.

Oregon Cider Week Sneak Peek

Oregon Cider Week Sneak Peek

Oregon Cider Week is coming up June 20th-29th, and it will be bigger and better than ever!  We’re planning lots of events throughout the week, beginning with a Cider Appreciation class on June 19th (one day early!) and then an appearance at the Cider Summit on June 20th and 21st. The venue for the Summit is changing this year to Fields Neighborhood Park in the Pearl District. We’ll cap the week with our Taproom 2nd Anniversary Party. Stay tuned for more information on our other plans – including tap takeovers, paired dinners, and more – as the Week approaches.

New Releases

We can hardly keep track of all our new and upcoming releases. On shelves now is Br’er Rabbit, made with fresh-pressed carrots and apples along with carrot madras honey; the unusual 14-Way, made with 14 different yeasts; and another entry in our single-varietal Revelation series, Revelation Jonathan. Also stay tuned for three new Tent Show acts: D’anjou Mosaic (hopped perry), Mandarin Chamomile, and the mysterious Angel of Death.


If you haven’t tried our Portland-famous ¡Tepache!, get some while you can. Made with fresh whole pineapples, fermented on the skins with subtle touches of cinnamon, allspice and cloves, it is traditionally served mixed with a light beer. However, local mixologists have been experimenting with all sorts of other possibilities including rum, tequila, champagne and hard cider, and we hear it makes a fantastic float with vanilla ice cream.

Idaho Distribution

In addition to our recent assault on California, we’re soon to be distributed all over Idaho. Tell your friends and family to the East to look for us on shelves in the next few weeks. Nat will be traveling to Boise next week for seven course cider paired dinner at State and Lemp.


If it seems like cider is everywhere lately, it’s true. Check out some of our recent press:

NPR’s The Salt:


NW Travel Magazine:

And we had a pretty picture in a story about Bushwhackers in The Oregonian:

News from Reverend Nat: Hopped Cider Festival and more

Hopped Cider Festival

We’re excited to invite you to the first-ever hopped cider festival in the country, taking place at our very own taproom on March 29. Featuring over 16 hopped ciders from all over the country, the festival will include our Hallelujah Hopricot, Codename: Hopland #3 and Pear Simcoe as well as other regional favorites, hard-to-find experimental ciders and far-away treats. Show up anytime from noon to midnight but get there early, because some may not last long!Click here for the Facebook event page.

Honors and News

We’re honored to announce that the special-release Lorrie’s Gold was chosen by WIllamette Week as one of their Top 5 Ciders of the Year for 2013. They described it as “intensely dry and tannic…a bit peppery and earthy…” There are still a few bottles left at the taproom for tasting and buying. In the same issue we’re included in the Beer Guide 2014: Directory of Portland Cideries.

Portland Mercury did a great review of our operation last October calling our Hallelujah Hopricot “a truly disruptive, game-changing cider.” Also in October, Portland Monthlymagazine showcased Nat and the taproom for a beautiful full-page story. In September, we achieved national recognition in Saveur, with a nod to our Providence Traditional New England.

In possibly the best accolade yet received, our Hallelujah Hopricot was included in Pete Brown’s magnificent 2013 book, World’s Best Ciders. This book is widely available in local bookstores and online.

New Releases

So many ciders, so little time. If you’ve been down to the taproom lately, you know there have been several newcomers to the taplist. There’s an addition to the Revelation series, Revelation Lady-Api, which is light, delicious and truly sessionable. (We’ve already released Revelation Newtown Pippin and Revelation Gravenstein which are available at the taproom.) In the next few weeks, look forward to John Adams’ Breakfast Tankard, a low-alcohol, unusual and satisfying quaff with coffee and mandarin orange zest. Also look for a return of everyone’s favorite crazy-good pineapple Tepache, a new batch of lactobacillus Sacrilege Sour Cherry, and a new series based on the 7 Deadly Sins.

new releasesWhile we generally think there’s little reason to leave our perfect city, friends and family in other states will be thrilled to hear our ciders are now available outside of Oregon! Tell people to look for us all over Washington and in select stores in the San Francisco Bay area and Southern California. Check the website for specific retailers. We’re also heading into Idaho soon. Even for those not in the West, a few of our ciders are available online at Made in Oregon and can be shipped just about anywhere in the U.S.

In case you’re wondering how we’re fitting in all this cider, here are some numbers. When we first moved into the 2nd Ave. location, we had 3300 square feet of space. We’ve now increased that to 4800, and are looking at adding more room for a total of 6300 sq. ft. soon. Thank you for all your support in the last 18 months, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at an event or the taproom soon!

Small-Scale Commercial Cidermaking with Low Capital Input

During CiderCon 2013, I gave a presentation entitled “Small-Scale Commercial Cidermaking with Low Capital Input”. I talked about equipment & techniques including fermenters, kegging, pressing, bottling and much more. The audio of me giving the presentation is available here.

Download mp3 audio here

I used Google Docs for the slideshow and because of the large number of photos and animation/transitions, PDF export doesn’t work. You must click the “Present” button at the top right of the slideshow screen in order to have the slides make any sense.

View Google Doc slideshow presentation here

Maximizing Efficiency on a Goodnature Squeezebox

At Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, we upgraded to an Goodnature Squeezebox SX-200 about one year ago. The first day we used it, we got through four bins, then eight then eleven. After completing the system by purchasing a matching Goodnature Elevator and PF-150 Pomace Feed System with EG 400/50 Grinder, we’re up to about 35 bins each day.

Press days start at 6 AM and end around 10 PM. We run two shifts with two people each, the switchover happening at 2 PM. Setup in the morning is about 45 minutes and a rough cleanup takes about an hour.  A full truckload of apples is about 48 bins which takes about two days so we save the thorough cleaning until the pressing is done. That cleaning takes about four hours including cleaning the floor. The press operator generally never goes beyond arm’s reach of the machine. The second person loads and unloads apple bins, (including press dumping bins), runs the bin dumper, sorts the apples, keeps the pomace hopper full, and keeps the grinder running smoothly. Both jobs are about three-quarter time. You absolutely need two people, but neither one is working his tail off. For instance, if we’re short-handed, I run the second person role for both shifts (16 hours) without serious fatigue. We always try to increase the number of bins we process in a day because the cleanup is the same no matter how many bins we press and cleanup is significant.

I recently asked our No. 1 Press Jockey, Jason West (no relation), for a list of tips to maximizing the throughput of the press. With the above equipment, the press is the bottleneck. We do about 50 pressings per day, so shaving even 30 seconds off each run can really add up. On the flip side, a one minute slowdown per press can add an hour to our day, or reduce the bin count by two.

The Objective: Press as much juice as fast as possible utilizing a machine that moves at a hydraulically slow pace.

The Machine: The Goodnature Squeezebox SX-200 (i.e. the apple accordion, the peoples pomice pusher, Bob, Shiva’s sippy cup)

The delicate manner in which to produce the most nectar while staying efficient is not complicated but requires a dedicated focus and persistence.  The following rules will ensure you meet this zen like level over extended periods of time:

Rule 1: KEEP THE PRESS MOVING 97.2% of the TIME.
(Ed. Note: He’s not kidding. The middle platen must be moving nearly all the time. We eat lunch in shifts and bathroom breaks are coordinated with the second person.)

Rule 2: Before pumping, check pomace hopper to ensure proper level of pomace to complete a full fill. If not, yell “I NEED MORE APPLES!”

Rule 3: Before pumping pomace into the bags, align the press frame, bags and plates equidistant to ensure even filling without overfilling.

Rule 4: Fill bags fast, equal, and full. FEF!
(Ed. Note: The pomace pump shouldn’t be stop-started frequently which is bad for the motor. Aim for one start-up per fill/pressing.)


Rule 6: Equalize bags as soon as switch as occured.
(Ed. Note: This means that you’re sticking your fingers and hands into the bag openings while they’re being pressed, so be aware of getting your fingers pinched, crushed, and amputated.)

Rule 7: Start scraping bags as soon as your scraping paddle can fit between press bag plates (roughly one third to one half through the press).

Rule 8: Before dumping, shake and align press frame, bags and plates equidistant to ensure room for pomice cakes to exit during dump.

Rule 9: Dump the press bags when there is still 4-6 inches left on the currently-pressing run, as measured on the throw of the piston.

Rule 10: Dump the press bags with momentum to make certain bags empty on one attempt rather than having to bounce the racks multiple times.

Rule 11: Keep spent pomace dumping bins clear as to allow pomace cakes to empty freely.

Rule 12: Monitor the fermentation tank to ensure there is no overfill.


Jason presses one bin of apples in a little under 25 minutes using the above techniques, which includes quite a bit of sitting and waiting for the hydraulics to press. We have the Squeezebox’s vernier speed control knobs adjusted to maximum speed which equates to about a 3 minute press time. We are currently looking for replacement control units which would allow a faster maximum cycle time. The above times and processes are based on high quality dessert fruit. For lower quality dessert fruit, we still keep up a fast pace but switch out the press bags at the shift change. Having two sets of press bags is a requirement to reaching a fast pace continuously.