The particulars of the ciders I make

I make dry and off-dry ciders only and in small batches using only whole apples, never juice from concentrate. Read what the press has been saying about these ciders here.


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This is our flagship cider, the cider I love to love. The making of Hallelujah Hopricot starts with classic American apples as a Belgian wit-style cider steeped with coriander, bitter orange peel and paradise grains, fermented with a French saison ale yeast. On top of that rich base, I add pure apricot juice and finish with Oregon-grown Cascade and (whenever I can get them) Amarillo hops. A fresh and fruity concoction not dulled by sweetness, this off-dry cider is my best-seller, and for good reason. ABV 6.9%. Available year-round.

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Our newest year-round release is Revelation Newtown Pippin. This is a straight-apple cider with no adulterations. We carefully selected a white wine yeast to let the particulars of the Newtown Pippin apple shine through. No other apples were used, making this a single varietal. This apple is the granddaddy of heirlooms, beloved by Thomas Jefferson who, speaking from France, said “they have no apples here to compare to our Newtown Pippin.” Off-dry, ABV 6.9%. Available year-round.

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The second cider I ever made was Deliverance Ginger (see below) way back in April of 2012. I felt that the simplicity of apple and ginger, while delicious, was getting a bit long in the tooth. This new bottle, on the other hand, is rather futuristic. Behold Deliverance Ginger Tonic! To each batch of cider, I add gallons of pure squeezed ginger juice, hundreds of hand-cut fresh lemongrass stalks, the fresh-squeezed juice and zest of many limes and top it off with the bark of the Peruvian cinchona tree. Cinchona is the wild form of the antimalarial drug quinine. To those fans disappointed by the departure of the classic Deliverance Ginger, I tell them that this new concoction checks all the same flavor boxes but does so with more excitement. Enjoy! Off-dry, ABV 6.9%. Available year-round.


ReverendNats_Bottles_72dpi_0000_RevivalWhen people ask me what my favorite cider is, I always answer, “Revival Dry”. Lightly carbonated and fully dry with carefully balanced acid, tannins and apple flavors. Equal proportions of American heirloom eating apples, sourced seasonally, and English bittersweet apples are in this traditional cider. Multiple wine and cider yeasts are used for this, my proudest creation.  ABV 6.7%. Annual limited release: October 2013.


It is a curious thing that lactobacillus can produce the amazing flavors of Belgian lambics, German Berliner Weisses, and Flemish reds whilst simultaneously creating a horrific flaw in ciders called “gerbil cage”. But I have unlocked the mystery of producing a sour, mouse-free cider using only lactobacillus with apple and cherry juice, and I have named it Sacrilege Sour Cherry. If you’ve ever had a kreik lambic, expect that. Do not expect apple juice. This is a cherry cider like none you have ever tasted. ABV 8.5%, Off-dry. Released November 2013.

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Lorrie’s Gold is a memorial cider for our friend Loretta Sue Skurdahl who died in early 2013. She was a pioneer of Real Cider in the Pacific Northwest, planting a small orchard of cider-only English and French bittersweet apples in the mid 1990’s. We have been fortunate enough to harvest apples from her orchard for many years and thought it only fitting to make a cider using 15 varieties of only her apples, in a style that she liked: true English. Sharp, tannic, deep in complexity and without carbonation. 65 cases produced in Spring 2013. All proceeds are donated to Oregon’s Friends of Family Farmers.

Traditional Tepache made using pineapples, not apples. It is a traditional Mexican drink made of fresh, partially fermented pineapples, piloncillo sugar and a touch of cinnamon, cloves and allspice. Best served cut with one-third light Mexican lager. We plan to bring this back in late Spring 2014 on draft and in bottles.

Revelation Gravenstein is the second release in the Revelation series of single varietal ciders. The Gravenstein apple was a major crop in Northern California throughout the 1900’s but has seen a steep decline like all heirlooms in the last half century. Aromatic, light and very apple-y, this single varietal cider was released in December 2013 in draft only.

Session-Style Ciderkin is made using the “second pressings” of apples. For this traditional cidermaking style, the first run of apple juice from pressed fruit goes to make our other ciders. The dried “spent pomace” is wetted with water, we wait a day or so, then re-press. The resulting cider is light, low in alcohol and has a unique flavor. Our Ciderkin experiments are continuing in 2014 on draft only.

Mora Spanish Blackberry is our take on the Spanish sidra style cider. We squeeze the juice from over-ripe blackberries, ferment the juice hot, age for three months, then blend back with hard apple cider. The result is reminiscent of Spanish sidra with a northwest twist.

Skyline Blend is made only using apples collected from within the City of Portland, primarily from derelict orchards and abandoned homesteads along Skyline Road. Tart and complex, this crowd pleaser is never the same year after year.

Overlook Organic Heirloom was made for the North American Organic Brewers Festival using only certified organic heirloom apples, wild fermented and finished with a hint of honey. High-gravity Golden Russets, White Winter Pearmain and Newtown Pippins are used for an over 8% cider.



For Deliverance Ginger, I made hard cider made with American dessert apples, and added fresh ginger juice along with just hint of pure cane sugar. It’s not sweet though; it’s off-dry. So much ginger flavor explodes in your mouth that it’s a far cry from a wine cooler. Fermented using white wine yeasts with light carbonation. ABV 6.5%. Retired August 2013

rev nat hybiscys hymnal

Our first summer seasonal was Hibiscus Hymnal. This non-traditional cider was inspired by my summers as a boy, drinking my mother’s hibiscus herbal tea. We always drank it dry, with no sweeteners added. Just like that tea, we soak whole dried hibiscus flowers in cider for a few weeks but also add raspberry juice during the fermentation. We used a Czech Pilsner yeast on this drink and finished it with a touch of oak. Very dry, ABV 6.9%. Retired October 2013

ReverendNats_Bottles_72dpi_0002_ProvidenceProvidence Traditional New England is a vinous and spicy hard cider following a classic recipe dating from early 1600’s Colonial America. It is fermented with lots of raisins, dark brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and has been sitting on oak for at least ten months. Served room temperature and free of carbonation, it makes the ultimate mulled cider and is a perfect antidote to cold winter weather. Fully dry. ABV 9.8%. Available as a limited-release winter seasonal.

I have many more ciders in the works right now so expect more great things to come!