Jobs – Warehouse & Inventory Lead

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider was started in Nat’s basement in late 2011. We made 65 barrels in 2012, 650 barrels in 2013 and 2800 barrels in 2014. Now we are making close to 700 barrels per month. Our mission is to search the world for superior ingredients to handcraft the most unusual ciders that no one else will make. We are known for moving fast and taking chances.

In the words of one local newspaper: “Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider is out to destroy everything you know about cider.”

This position supports end to end supply chain operations by receiving all inbound materials as well as coordinating outbound finished goods. Combining a traditional warehouse coordination role with a data input and integrity role, this position includes time in a warehouse, moving and organizing product as well as a significant amount of time at a computer dedicated to processing information in an ERP system.

Warehouse and production floor time includes repetitive heavy lifting, loading and unloading trucks with a forklift, and coordinating outbound shipping. This position requires critical evaluation skills, the ability to trace problems to the root cause as well as regular communication and coordination among other team members. The desire to work autonomously, take a leadership role, build inventory management, logistics, and communication systems, and provide greater organization is inherent to the Supply Chain Coordinator position.

As a member of the production team, this position will regularly require packaging tasks to be performed (pasteurizing, labeling, stuffing cartons, bottling/canning).

This is an active, hands-on job require frequently lifting and moving heavy case goods and pallets.


  • Build outbound orders by manually re-palletizing cased cider and kegs.
  • Load outbound trucks with cider via forklift and unload inbound raw goods shipments.
  • Coordinate the receipt of all inventory, verifying correct amounts received and correctly input amounts received in the ERP system (OrchestratedBeer, SAP Business1 platform).
  • Maintain end to end inventory accuracy in our ERP system, understanding and taking ownership of each individual transactions on the system.
  • Ensure that ERP accurately reflects reality and remains in sync with all day-to-day activities including receipts, production orders, transfers, returns, and shipments.
  • Coordinate with leadership team to dedicate inventory for upcoming shipments.
  • Ensure that outbound shipments (distributor, donation, sample, and internal) depart accurately and on-time, working with our 3PL partners for dock appointments at our facility and our distributor’s facilities.  
  • Work with Operations Director and Supply Chain Manager to establish and maintain warehouse organization systems. Communicate outbound orders status internally and externally, systematically and on-demand.
  • Perform routine maintenance on materials handling equipment and coordinate lift maintenance.
  • Monitor and submit requests for warehouse supplies (tape / wrap / pallets / etc.)
  • Develop, implement and monitor best practice safety protocols.
  • Prioritize effectively to remain able to participate in general cellar & packaging duties including but not limited to: pasteurizing, labeling, packing cases, stuffing cartons, bottling and canning.


  • Valid driver’s license
  • Full time work availability for common days and hours.
  • Forklift experience
  • Warehouse or manufacturing experience
  • Proficient in arithmetic, basic geometry, and basic algebra
  • Experienced with common spreadsheet software & function
  • Inventory Management experience preferred
  • Data processing experience preferred
  • ERP (SAP business 1)  experience preferred

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to frequently reach with hands and arms and stoop, kneel, climb ladders, crouch, or crawl, and use trucks, trailers, and tools to move product and facilitate production activities.
  • Ability to continuously move cases weighing 20 to 30 pounds.
  • Ability to occasionally lift and/or move up to 160 pounds.
  • Ability to be frequently exposed to wet conditions and work in temperatures mirroring outdoor extremes.
  • Ability to safely handle caustic and acidic chemicals
  • Ability to work near moving mechanical parts
  • Ability to work in a moderate noise level
  • Ability to self-direct, working alone for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to maintain voice availability to coordinate with logistics companies during the workday.


  • $12.75 – $18.00 per hour, depending on experience
  • Paid Time Off accrued hourly
  • Employer paid health care subsidy.
  • Free cider based on company policy
  • Annual PPE allowance

Location: 1813 NE 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97212

To Apply:

  • Send your resume and references in an email to with the subject line “Warehouse & Inventory Lead” Without all the pieces, we cannot process your request. Thanks!