Jobs – Sales Representative

Reports to: Sales Director 

Time: Full-time

Location: In-Market, Portland Oregon with occasional day and overnight trips in Oregon and SW Washington

Salary: $65,000 salary + Bonus

Review Schedule: Annual


JOB RESPONSIBILITY: Account Sales/Customer Service


  • Launch new products in the market.
  • Sell into accounts with number of daily and weekly visits meeting expectations and goals set with Sales Director.
  • Gain new distribution placements, acquire displays, get features and increase sales in your territory to attain goals.
  • Efficiently visit accounts based on strategic priorities.
  • Work with distributors to attain market sales goals.
  • Educate distributor sales force and retailers on how to tell our story and sell our products.
  • Work directly with and maintain relationships with key retailers to help build our sales with and for them.
  • Participate in tastings and festivals to sample consumers on our products.
  • “Work Withs” with key distributor reps.

JOB RESPONSIBILITY: Tactical Sales Work: List making, creating focus and project plans and working with other team members.


  • Using the LilyPad system, create target lists including buyer names, best days, details about account for:
    • on-premise accounts with distributor managers and reps and our reps.
    • off-premise gourmet and store-level chain buyers with distributor chain KAMs, DMs, off-premise teams, Nielsen/IRI mining and our reps.
    • c-stores, both independent and chain, in select neighborhoods/by demographic.
    • off-premise major chains.
  • Utilize LilypPad to document visits in above account lists based on goals developed with Sales Director.
  • Work with Sales Director to execute project plan for selling into major/national chains including key personnel/gatekeepers, timelines, etc. Assist Sales Director on state-specific needs such as managing currently-selling chains, non-buying stores, pending authorizations, potential chains.
  • Work with Sales Director to develop programming including displays and programs.
  • Work with Founder for appearances at in-market events including work withs, distributor meetings, account support, consumer events.


  • Volume and POD metrics to be defined on a monthly and quarterly basis.


  • Innovation: Be unafraid to fail, embrace uncertainty, question the status quo.
  • Excellence: If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.
  • Ownership: Do more with less, work efficiently, empower yourself, treat your job as your own.
  • Consistency: Use teamwork, use one voice, always provide value to customers.
  • Matter: Make a mark and a difference, change the industry, meaningfully participate in markets.
  • Unusual: Within a craft beer mindset, make the most unusual ciders that no one else will make.


  • Excellent prioritization and high level analytical skills.
  • Good multi-tasking and juggling of opposing needs.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. 
  • Evening and weekend availability, long hours.
  • Excellent sales personality and ability to motivate others.
  • Competitive nature, high intensity, strong desire to exceed goals.
  • Excellent written and oral communication.
  • Good data analytical skills.
  • Good spreadsheet proficiency.
  • Valid driver’s license & insurable driving record.
  • Personal vehicle in good working order (vehicle and/or mileage reimbursements provided).

To Apply:
Send your resume, cover letter and references to with the subject line “Sales Representative”. Without all three pieces, we cannot process your request. Thanks!