JOBS: Lead Bartender and Social Media Assistant


Like many great businesses, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider was started in a garage in late 2011. It was never supposed to be this popular, but apparently we struck a nerve with our unusual ciders.

Our public mission is to search the world for superior ingredients to handcraft the most unusual ciders that no one else will make. We are not here to churn out commodity or entry-level cider. We are pushing the bounds of cider and believe that we have no true competitors. Our internal mission is to create the best work environment possible for a company of our size, treat our coworkers with the respect they deserve, engage with our community as a business leader effecting needed change, and have fun doing great work.

In the words of one local newspaper: “Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider is out to destroy everything you know about cider.” In addition to major publications like NPR, Yahoo, Bon Appetit and Women’s Health, Men’s Health, we are regularly covered by the beer industry (Good Beer Hunting, Beer Advocate) and local media such as The Oregonian, WWeek and Portland Mercury.

JOB TITLE: Lead Bartender and Social Media Assistant

This role is a combination of two jobs: A part-time salaried position to generate, curate and communicate on social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok), combined with hourly-paid shifts as the lead bartender. The two roles will hopefully combine well, with the bar shifts helping to spark ideas for social content and the consistent time spent in our facility allowing for regular content creation. We are a very small company, so the person in this role will report directly to and work closely with Rev Nat. 

This is a great position for someone with a love of social media and some experience with customer service. Once you get settled in, and depending on the trajectory of the role and your personal preferences, growth opportunities abound including more emphasis on sales/marketing or bar management. While not an explicit people-management role, the person in this role will be mostly responsible for ensuring coverage of all bar shifts with the rest of our excellent bartenders.

We are moving to a new bar and a new cidery this spring so this is an exciting opportunity for someone who is motivated to put their own stamp on a new work environment and help craft their participation in our ongoing success. While we are sure that 2023 will be an exciting and hectic year for everyone involved, we are more committed than ever to a sustainable work-life balance, knowing and respecting our limits, and creating a healthy, open and fulfilling work environment. 

Women, queer and trans people, Black, Indigenous, people of color, and disabled people (physical requirements are listed below) are encouraged to apply. Applicants will receive a $50 honorarium for each step of the hiring process involving in-person or virtual interviews.


The part-time Social Media Assistant position is paid with a salary of $1000/month. A $60/month smartphone reimbursement is included. There is an expectation of working 5-10 hours per week on this role of the job. Both the pay per month and hours per week expectation is flexible depending on how this role unfolds (we’ve never hired for this position before).

Bar shifts pay $17/hour plus tips. Tip amounts are a little TBD since this is a new Taproom for us but we are happy to share our estimates during the interview process. The intent is for the person in this role to work a minimum of two shifts (~12-18 hours) per week. Depending on how the workload develops, there may be an opportunity for full-time bar shifts (34 hours/week).

JOB RESPONSIBILITY: Part-Time Social Media Assistant

  • Co-develop editorial, communication plan and calendar with other staff to promote various activities such as new product releases, seasonality, sales programming, events, collaborations, and the Rev Nat’s story (ingredients, handcraftedness, etc)
  • Based on editorial calendar, regularly update our website and post to social media
  • Take photos and manage photo library of working in the cidery, taproom, events/festivals
  • Consistent content creation and follower interaction on social media (posting/creating expectations set together with Nat after onboarding)


  • Consistently friendly, outgoing and caring demeanor to customers
  • Continual learning about cider, beer and related service fields and communicating that knowledge to customers for upsells where appropriate
  • Flexible work schedule daily, weekly, and yearly. Our busy season is the summer, where you will work more than the quieter winter
  • Frequent ability to adjust shifts to cover changing staff and event needs
  • As a regularly solo bar staffer, exhibit creative problem-solving and consistent ability to react confidently to solve issues as they arise
  • Maintain a clean, orderly and well-stocked front and back bar
  • Technically proficient pouring, drink service, changing of kegs, draft system troubleshooting, etc. (We can teach more about draft systems if that’s a weak point for you)
  • Routine maintenance of our Square POS system including adding and removing sales items and adjusting pricing in accordance with policy
  • Using our forecasting tools, communicate to other staff on inventory needs


  • Be at least 21 years of age and have or be able to acquire an OLCC service permit
  • Have evening and weekend availability, ability to occasionally work long standing hours (10+ hours)
  • Have ability to regularly carry 30 to 65 pounds and occasionally maneuver and lift 150 lbs (15.5 gal keg) a few inches off the floor, stoop, kneel, twist, climb ladders, reach overhead, and work on slick and irregular surfaces in humidity, heat, cold and among loud noises
  • Have good written and oral communication with coworkers and customers
  • Have the ability to navigate varying store, market, bar and restaurant buildings
  • Have COVID-19 vaccination including CDC recommended boosters. We are a mask-optional work environment
  • Maintain a Smartphone to run social media account in good working order (reimbursement provided)
  • Have experience in customer service, food service, or bar service
  • Have experience creating fun and engaging content on social media including Instagram and TikTok
  • (Preferred) Have experience with the Google Apps Suite, Apple Pages, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress
  • (Preferred) Have experience with the often-confusing Facebook Page Manager including Facebook Ads
  • Be able to show attention to detail for number and data systems including financial and clerical

To Apply:

Send your resume to with the subject line “Lead Bartender and Social Media Assistant.” If available, please include links to your personal or professional social media accounts. Thanks!