Where to find my ciders

Since I put together my website and this particular page, my business has grown so large that maintaining this list has become impossible. The best thing I can say is that we are available at your local gourmet or speciality foods market, provided you live in Oregon, Washington and Southern California. You may also have good luck in Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta and Japan.

Very soon, I will launch a whiz-bang feature allowing you to view, in real-time, what stores, bars and restaurants have recently received delivery of my cider. I do not understand how it works, but I’ve seen it, and it is the future.

My ciders are always available online at InsideTheCellar.com


If you would like your local bar, restaurant, specialty or grocery store to carry my cider, please let them know about me and that they can buy from the following distributors:

Oregon and Washington: Columbia Distributing

Idaho: Hayden Beverage Company

Southern California: Reyes Beverage Group, Harbor Distributing, Crest Distributing

British Columbia: Untapped

Hawaii: Grape Northwest Distributors

Alaska: Odom Corporation

Singapore: The Mad Tapper Private Ltd (Jasmin & Kasster)

Japan, Tokyo and Nagano: Tread Water (Aoki-san)