Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that I get.

Q: Is there really a Reverend Nat?
A: I am absolutely real. I’m married to my most excellent wife Sarah, we have one daughter and two cats, and I have lived in Northeast Portland since 2002. Read more here.

Q: Are you really a minister?
A: Yes, it’s easy to get ordained. A few years before starting the business, a couple friends asked me to marry them. So I went online, filled out a quick form from the Universal Life Church and a few days later I was officially ordained. I did the wedding and never used my ministerial powers again until…

Q: Why call it “Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider”? How did you come up with that name?
A: As I was developing the idea to start selling cider, I was becoming increasingly passionate and I couldn’t shut up about it. I talked about cider to anyone who would listen. It was beginning to get a bit annoying, apparently. My wife complained that all I did was go around evangelizing about cider and trying to convert beer drinkers to cider drinkers. I realized that, after all, I was an ordained minister, so it was only logical to call the business Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider.

Q: Are your ciders gluten free?
A: Absolutely! All ciders are naturally gluten free and so are hops. Occasionally I might add an ingredient containing gluten, but I will clearly state as much on the label, and those ciders pretty much never leave my public taproom.

Q: Are your ciders made and processed to be vegetarian and vegan safe?
A: While I can’t certify any vegan or vegetarian safeness, to my knowledge there are no animal, fish, egg or dairy materials in any ciders that I make that you can buy outside of the Taproom, with the exception of my New Moon Mandarin (Spring Seasonal), which is made with honey. I have occasionally made weird experimental drinks including fermented milk, cider with a lamb’s leg, and others but it’s always very clear what I’m selling and you have to visit me in Portland to get any of these oddities.

Q: Do you really have a second cousin who owns a pineapple plantation in Costa Rica?
A: He’s actually a distant cousin and I’ve never met him. But he grows pineapples and I buy them for our Tepache.

Q: Will you donate cider to my awesome event?
A: I’m sorry to say it but I’m putting my donations program on hold through the end of 2017 and into 2018.

Q: How many calories are in your ciders? Do you have Nutrition Facts?
A: It’s not something I’m proud to say, but I don’t know, sorry. Less than Angry Orchard for sure.

Q: Do you sell your cider in [fill in the location]?
A: I have created a web page listing my sales locations. Check it!

Q: Can you mail cider to me?
A: Yes I can! Please visit!

More questions? Drop me a line!