Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that I get.

Q: Is there really a Reverend Nat?
A: I am absolutely real. I’m married to my most excellent wife Sarah, we have one daughter and two cats, and I have lived in Northeast Portland since 2002. Read more here.

Q: Are you really a minister?
A: Yes, it’s easy to get ordained. A few years before starting the business, a couple friends asked me to marry them. So I went online, filled out a quick form from the Universal Life Church and a few days later I was officially ordained. I did the wedding and never used my ministerial powers again until…

Q: Why call it “Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider”? How did you come up with that name?
A: As I was developing the idea to start selling cider, I was becoming increasingly passionate and I couldn’t shut up about it. I talked about cider to anyone who would listen. It was beginning to get a bit annoying, apparently. My wife complained that all I did was go around evangelizing about cider and trying to convert beer drinkers to cider drinkers. I realized that, after all, I was an ordained minister, so it was only logical to call the business Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider.

Q: Are your ciders gluten free?
A: Absolutely! All ciders are naturally gluten free and so are hops. Occasionally I might add an ingredient containing gluten, but I will clearly state as much on the label, and those ciders pretty much never leave my public taproom.

Q: Are your ciders made and processed to be vegetarian and vegan safe?
A: While I can’t certify any vegan or vegetarian safeness, to my knowledge there are no animal, fish, egg or dairy materials in any ciders that I make that you can buy outside of the Taproom. I have occasionally made weird experimental drinks including fermented milk, cider with a lamb’s leg, and pie-soaked cider, but it’s always very clear what I’m selling and you have to visit me in Portland to get any of these oddities.

Q: Do you really have a second cousin who owns a pineapple plantation in Costa Rica?
A: He’s actually a distant cousin and I’ve never met him. But he grows pineapples and I buy them for our Tepache.

Q: Will you donate cider to my awesome event?
A: I’m sorry to say it but I’ve put my donations program on hold.

Q: How many calories are in your ciders? Do you have Nutrition Facts?
A: It’s not something I’m proud to say, but I don’t know, sorry. Less than Angry Orchard for sure. Some of my cider cans are labeled with Nutrition Facts, and when labeled so, they are accurate.

Q: Do you sell your cider in [fill in the location]?
A: I have created a web page listing my sales locations. Check it!

Q: Can you mail cider to me?
A: Yes I can! Please visit!

Q: Are minors allowed in your Taproom?
A: Yes, they are! Since we have so much food available next door to eat, and non-alcoholic options available for purchase (kombucha, NA beer, NA cider), under-21 folks are welcome. We are required to serve them in different glassware per regulations.

Q: How about dogs?
A: Because we are a licensed food manufacturing facility, non-service animals are not allowed anywhere inside. Your furry, scaly or feathered friends are more than welcome in the food cart pod which includes plenty of seating, overhead heaters, great rain cover and ADA-accessible restrooms.

Q: What wheelchair-friendly accommodations do you have?
A: There is one non-motorized door to navigate to access the Taproom. It is push-pull only with no latch. (We anticipate having it pushbutton-powered by mid 2023.) There are no thresholds greater than 3/4″. There is one multiple wheelchair-friendly restroom in the food cart pod. Indoor seating includes 2-top tables which easily accommodate wheelchairs.

Q: Do you have accommodations for sight-impaired customers?
A: We do not have braille menus but all our bartenders would be absolutely thrilled to explain all of our cider options to you, whether or not you can read the menu.

More questions? Drop me a line!