Looking for a Cider Donation?

Cider donations are something that I am pleased to be able to be able to provide to support the Greater Portland non-profit community through two foci:




While I understand that there are many worthy causes beyond these two that can further their mission and support social change through my donations, I’m only able to offer cider to these two types of groups.

To request a donation, please send an email to carolyn@revnats.com with the following information at least 30 days prior to your event:

Your name

Contact email and phone

Name of your organization

Your organization’s mission/goals, keeping in mind my particular interests in THE ARTS and WOMEN’S & GENDER EQUALITY ISSUES

Name, date and time of the event

If this is an annual event, how long it has been running

Number of expected attendees

What you are requesting (keg or bottles, mixed case/taproom gift certificate/growler for raffle or door prize)

Will there be other alcohol donated to the event, and if so, by whom

Date and time you want to pick up and return donation (or just pick up if request is for bottles)

By accepting my donation, your group agrees to include Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider in all promotional media for the event.  Logos can be found here.  When appropriate, your group will display a Rev Nat’s banner and use Rev Nat’s branded cups and coasters, and offer Rev Nat’s stickers at the event.

Donations can be picked up at my Public Taproom and Cidery any day of the week between 10am-3pm. Your pick up date and time needs be confirmed with carolyn@revnats.com one week prior to pick up. The person who picks up cider must be 21+ and have valid ID. I do not have two people on staff during all of these hours, so you must provide ONE healthy and strapping, able-bodied person to assist if you are picking up a 1/2 barrel, which weighs over 150 pounds. (One of my staff will pick it up with you to get it into your vehicle and show you some tricks to maneuver it.) I thank you for your patience if my staff is helping other customers when you arrive for pick up!

Additionally, I require a keg deposit for keg donations in the amount of $150 for each keg, and if you’d like a pump tap to dispense the cider, that requires a deposit of $50, as a check or cash only. Checks will not be cashed and cash will not be spent, and either will be given back to you when the keg is returned to me no later than 3 days after your event. If you are a registered 501(c)(3) I will provide you with the retail value of the donation, and ask you for a letter of documentation.

And finally, I am sorry to say it, but I do not loan out jockey boxes with keg donations. However, reasonably priced rentals can be found at my friends, F.H. Steinbarts in SE Portland.