Dock Sales

Bottles may be purchased from my Public Taproom during open hours or from my Online Store.

If you are interested in purchasing kegs for personal use, please read the information below for pricing and ordering details:


Revival 1/6 barrel (5 gal): $110

Hallelujah Hopricot 1/6 barrel (5 gal): $125

Sacrilege Sour Cherry 1/6 barrel (5 gal): $110

Seasonal Release 1/6 barrel (5 gal): send inquiries to

Pump Tap Deposit: $50 (fully refundable)

Keg Deposit: $100 (fully refundable)

How to order:

We require 5 days advance notice to fulfill your order, which is subject to availability at any given time.

Email with your request including pickup date. Confirmation email back will let you know your keg is in stock and your order will be fulfilled. We cannot guarantee keg availability without a confirmation email.

You can pay the keg price and associated deposits with cash or card. Any rented materials (empty kegs, pump taps) must be returned in good working condition within 72 hours of the agreed upon date. Should these items fail to be returned, or returned as damaged, the deposit will not be refunded.