Retired Libations

Vol. 500 ml / 6.9% ABV

Sweetness Off-Dry


I am quite sorry to announce that, while this cider is remarkably delicious, it is in fact going away. It has simply fallen out of favor with my ever-changing palate. I apologize if this was your favorite cider ever, but I do hope you will find another refreshing drink to take its place.
While I'm known for my non-traditional ciders such as Sacrilege Sour Cherry, Fresh Hop Hallelujah Hopricot and ¡Tepache!, I do make a stunning, award-winning single-variety cider using only Washington and Oregon-grown Newtown Pippin apples. This apple is the granddaddy of heirlooms, beloved by Thomas Jefferson who, speaking from France, said they have no apples here to compare to our Newtown Pippin.” Laying bare the naked soul of the apple is the mission of the Revelation lineup. Each variety is naturally fermented to utter dryness and then receives a touch of apple juice. I have prohibited any alteration and expelled any further additions so you are tasting only the apple. The consummation is pure and expressly for your pleasure. I call this cider Revelation Newtown Pippin, and is the one year-round in my Revelation lineup. I carefully selected a white wine yeast to let the particulars of the Newtown Pippin apple shine through. No other apples were used, making this a single varietal. It doesn't end there since we let this cider age for at least four months to develop flavors not found in immature offerings.
Pairs well with:

Mild cheddar & Cotswold, Spanish 4 mo. Manchego raw sheep cheese, potted meats: terrine, mousse.

Bronze, 2014 Great International Beer & Cider Festival
Gold, 2014 Annual New York International Beer Competition
Gold, 2014 West Coast Wine Competition
Silver, 2014 International Women’s Wine Competition
Silver, 2014 Oregon Wine Awards
Silver, 2014 Hood River Hard-Pressed Cider Fest
Bronze, 2014 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition
Bronze, 2013 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition
3rd Place, 2014 SIP Northwest Magazine Best of the Northwest

Keep an eye out for my other single-variety ciders: Revelation Winesap, Revelation Jonathan, Revelation Gravenstein, Revelation Kingston Black, Revelation Lady-Api, Revelation Centennial Crab, Revelation Niedzwetzkyana, Revelation William’s Pride and Revelation Belle de Boskoop.