Seasonal Specialties

Vol. 750 ml / 6.9% ABV

Sweetness Semi-Sweet


Summer Months
During an expedition to the Southern Reaches, my old friend and veteran traveler Mr T Scrivner discovered that the juice of the passion fruit blended with an aromatic hard cider was greater than the sum of its parts. I do hope that you share his same proclivity for flavor exploration.   Combing my colleague's research with an attempt to capture the heavenly aroma of a passionflower vine blooming in my neighbor’s yard led me to the fresh juice of a passion fruit. Grown exclusively in tropical climes, the fruit is dark purple when ripe and the interior is full of many juicy seeds. I combined the juice of this fruit with a blend of dozens of aromatic heirloom apples, and added extra depth and mystery by combining El Salvadoran-grown and hand-toasted coconut meat with double-fold Mexican vanilla extract (the Mexican variety is noted for it's smoky subtleties). The result is a supremely tart and mouth-puckering drink that is more akin to a berlinerweisse than apple juice. MY MOST SOUR CIDER YET!
Pairs well with:

Fatty duck, fatty bacon, fatty extra-cream brie, fatty pork belly, fatty bone marrow, fat.

Silver, International Women’s Wine Competition 2016