Retired Libations

Draft Only / 3.2% ABV

Sweetness Fully Dry


What happens when you dump a bunch of cold-pressed coffee and orange peels into our Ciderkin collaboration with Cider Riot? It ends up tasting a bit like hot sauce and buffalo wings, apparently. I don't get that flavor from this odd concoction, but I do get a deeply rich treat, like nothing I've ever had before. It has been widely recounted that the second president of our young country, John Adams, took a tankard of hard cider every morning with his breakfast. Undoubtedly, this was a low alcohol Ciderkin, made by wetting the dried, spent apple pulp after the first runnings of juice was collected, waiting a day or more, then re-pressing the pulp. Less sugars are extracted by this second pressing, but the prolonged period of rest results in deeper flavors. We have added mandarin orange zest and 5 gallons of cold-brew coffee made for us by Extracto in Portland. The result is bitter, complex, somewhat abrasive and not for the novice cider drinker. A single batch of 8 halves and 4 sixths were made.
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