Current Ciders

Vol. 750 ml / 6.7% ABV

Sweetness Off-Dry


Fresh Hop Season
Once per year, when the hop harvest is underway, I make a very special batch of my award-winning Hallelujah Hopricot using fresh-from-the-field Cascade hops. This version is a limited release and sells out quickly to all the hop heads. I buy hops from Crosby Hop Farm in Woodburn Oregon and have them in my tanks in under three hours. One week later, you can drink the result. Grassy, nutty, herbal, incredibly fragrant, this cider is quite a departure from my normal Hopricot. The Fresh Hops! sticker on an otherwise normal bottle of Hallelujah Hopricot is the clue that you're holding a very special drink.

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Pairs well with:

Thin-crust mushroom pizza, Texas-style spicy barbecue ribs, piled-high blue cheese hamburgers, crock-pot beef brisket with red pepper polenta and blackened asparagus.