• Year-Round Bottles

    Year-Round Bottles

    It began with Revival, my deeply complex yet subtly familiar apple cider, and the radical Hallelujah Hopricot, a "beer, cider and wine all in one", and now I make four year-round ciders including my multiple medal-winning Revelation Newtown Pippin and the truly compelling Deliverance Ginger Tonic. EXPLORE

  • Seasonal Specialties

    Seasonal Specialties

    As the seasons change, so do my tastes in cider. For each of these releases, I have attempted to capture a moment in time, an expression of ingredients and process which should make your special drinking occasion special-er. EXPLORE

  • Limited Releases

    Limited Releases

    I make ciders as my mood changes, and as I encounter fantastic ingredients. The search for flavor drives my creations and these ciders were so good, I needed to share them with you. EXPLORE

  • The Tent Show

    The Tent Show

    Inspiration comes from many places: Food, Beer, Nature, Art, Friends. The Tent Show allows me to experiment with any combination of flavors free of judgement. To learn more about my exclusive Tent Show Bottle Club, click here. EXPLORE

  • Brewery Collabs

    Brewery Collabs

    After cider, my favorite drink is beer. After cidermakers, my favorite people are brewers. Sometimes, I combine my love of beer and cider to produce a chimera. Herein lies a list of these unusual creations. EXPLORE

  • 7 Deadly Sins

    7 Deadly Sins

    Preaching the gospel of the apple has been my mission from the first day. Now I have fellows on my journey, my cidermaking cohort. We present to you, my fair and faithful alcoholist, the 7 Deadly Sins project, long simmering in our brimstone-fired kettles. Sinners unite! EXPLORE

  • Retired Libations

    Retired Libations

    Ciders come and ciders go. These have gone. Remember your favorites or read about the weird ones I decided not to make any more. EXPLORE