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In the best accolade yet received, our Hallelujah Hopricot was included in Pete Brown’s magnificent 2013 book, World’s Best Ciders. This book is widely available in local bookstores and online. Archive – Link

In December, the Portland Mercury was at it again, talking about cider. This time the discussion was how to make your own hard cider on the cheap. We helped out with the article, finding the easiest and cheapest way to make cider. Archive – Link

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In November 2013, Travel Portland took a look at the burgeoning cider scene in Portland and mentioned us. Archive – Link

October was a busy month for us in the press and we got profiled in our favorite local grocery store, New Seasons Market. Their weekly flyer talked about ciders and about us! Archive

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In the October issue of Portland Monthly, we got a great profile which included a somewhat regretful quote, but fully accurate that Nat is a “whore for apples”. Archive – Link

Portland Mercury did a great review of our operation in October 2013 calling our Hallelujah Hopricot “a truly disruptive, game-changing cider.” Archive – Link

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September brought a high-profile article in Saveur on 15 American hard ciders. We were fortunate to be included, even though we’ve gotten calls from people on the east coast looking for our Providence Traditional New England! Archive – Link

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The Hollywood Star, a neighborhood newspaper in Portland, wrote a very in-depth story about the booming hard cider market and some of the challenges facing producers. Archive

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The Oregonian’s online site listed a few of their favorite local cideries and we were glad to be included. Archive – Link

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Kicking off July 2013, KIRO Radio (97.3 in Seattle) had me on their weekly radio show, talking about my ciders and about the cider market in general. An article on followed. Article (Archive – Link) / Radio Interview (Archive)

Late June 2013 brought us into the pages of the alt-weekly Portland Mercury with a quick mention of our Deliverance Ginger and an overall look at pairing ciders with summer grilling. Archive – Link

The Portland Tribune honored us in their 2013 Best of Portland guide as one of the best Oregon Hard Ciders. Archive

Portland Monthly did a review of hopped ciders in their June 2013 edition and being the only hopped cider produced in Portland, we got a mention. Archive – Link

Chris Lehault at Serious Eats did an investigation into the history of the “New England” cider style and came to some interesting conclusions. He had a mention of our Providence Traditional New England. Archive – Link

May brought us an in-depth article at Portland’s venerable craft beer newsblog, The New School. Thanks Ezra! Archive – Link

In April 2013, Sip Northwest had a quick favorable review of our Hallelujah Hopricot. Archive – Link

In the April edition of NW Brewing News, Abram Goldman-Armstrong updated readers about the progress on our new cidery build-out. Archive

In mid-March 2013, the Portland Tribune covered the growing hard cider category and the scene in Portland. Many of my comments were sprinkled throughout the article. Archive – Link

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In early February 2013, Allison Jones of Portland Monthly asked us 5 questions about our new Northeast Portland cidery and tap room, set to debut in March. Archive – Link

The foodie blog Serious Eats is profiling ciders with great regularity and we’re getting more than our fair share of coverage. In this article, they look at spiced ciders suitable for a holiday table, including our Deliverance Ginger. Archive – Link

In late November 2012, the local newsblog Neighborhood Notes profiled 7 Northwest-made ciders including our winter seasonal, Providence Traditional New England. Archive – Link

The Oregonian ran an article showcasing four “food artisans” who operate out of their garages. My friend Charlie and I are both in the article. Maybe you saw it in the Food Day section October 15th 2012? Archive – Link

Jon, who writes for The Brew Site blog, included a nice mention of our ciders at an early October 2012 trade show we attended. Archive – Link

Chris Lehault, the cider editor for the foodie blog Serious Eats, reviewed the six commercially available hopped hard ciders and had some good things to say about our Hallelujah Hopricot. Archive – Link

wweekThe estimable Portland alternative weekly paper Willamette Week did an unprovoked review of my Deliverance Ginger for their late August 2012 issue. Archive – Link

MIX Magazine did a little write-up about Revival Dry and mentioned the upcoming releases for their July 2012 issue. Archive – Link

In the June/July 2012 issue of Northwest Brewing News, Abram Goldman-Armstrong wrote a brief coming-out about the cidery. Archive – Link

For the June 23, 2012 episode of her Beer O’Clock weekly radio show, the Beer Goddess Lisa Morrison interviewed me. Link

Local food writer (and cookbook author) Liz Crain spent a day working at the cider operation during the final year of my non-commercial cidermaking. Ahh, the old days. Archive – Link